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  • The relative effect on the results of macrozoobenthic monitoring programmes by the application of different types of measures and taxonomic aggregation levels on Abra de Bilbao hard bottoms has been studied by means of second stage multivariate
  • analyses. The measure type has a greater effect on the results than the selected taxonomic level. The highest concordance among the results from different analyses occurs in the subtidal zone.
  • trophic levels and mixed trophic impact analysis considering the fishery both as an impacting and impacted component are included. Also, we explore the potential relevance of simulating the effect of different fishing regimes on the ecosystem flow
  • structure using Ecosim. Finally, Ecospace was used as an exploratory tool for the analysis of trophic relationships in the space and for the evaluation of the effect of some management options.
  • Coastal zone ; Estuaries ; Europe ; Sea circulation ; Spain ; Wind effect ; Wind field
  • The wind effect on water circulation was described by means of hydrodynamical measurements carried out in the Ría de Pontevedra (NW of Spain) from February to July 1998. The samples were measured at an anchored station situated in the inner part
  • Atlantic Ocean ; Bay of Biscay ; Fresh water ; Hydrography ; North Atlantic ; Sea current ; Seasonal variation ; Tide effect ; Wind effect
  • . Spatial and temporal variations of the communities were closely linked to variations of environmental factors (temperature, salinity and hydrology) and particularly to changes in weather conditions. A storm event during mid-August had an effect
  • Élaboré en dimension 1, le modèle hydrodynamique permet de simuler les vitesses de courant le long de l'estuaire en fonction du temps, en supposant que les variations de vitesse sont négligeables selon la verticale, la prise effective de la