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  • Forest harvesting geomorphic effects in a submediterranean granitic middle mountain. Mont Lozère, South of the Massif Central, France. First results
  • Significant acoustic emissions have been recorded from two landslide sites, both subsequent to a major failure (Pantteg) and during continuous slow movement (Glynrhigos). Four distinct types of pedogenic AE have been recognised. The effects
  • . The experimental study proves that the vineyard in this region is less destructive considering soil degradation, compared to other cultivations, but only in conditions of traditionalist cultivations. The effects are probably different with intensive cultivation
  • Side effects from changes in the diverse land use pattern in the Havel region near Werder are visible in the relief- and soil features. On ground moraine plateaus soil erosion and the expansion of wet patches have increased. In levelled and heavily
  • The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of a major source of airborne fluorides on the geographical distribution of total fluoride in soils and natural vegetation. Samples of vegetation and soil were collected at different distances