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  • Frequency and magnitude biases in the Fryberger model, with implications for characterizing geomorphically effective winds
  • The effect of wind gusts, moisture content and fetch length on sand transport on a beach
  • This paper examines the effects of record length on the precision of turbulence statistics in fluvial boundary layers of gravel-bed rivers. From high-resolution velocity time series lasting 20 to 60 min, a bootstrapping method is used to determine
  • The AA. examine the effects of roughness elements on the spatial variability of the mean flow velocity profiles and of the properties of turbulent flow structures at the reach scale. The experiment was carried out in 2 reaches of 25 m long
  • This paper details the design and performance of such a turbidimeter (the HOBS Harry's Optical Backscatter Sensor) developed for spatially distributed monitoring of suspended sediment in proglacial streams. The effectiveness of the HOBS