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  • An empirical determination of the heating of the Earth by the carbon dioxide greenhouse effect
  • The greenhouse effect, sea-level rise and coastal geomorphology
  • History of the greenhouse effect
  • Discussion of the preliminary results from ERBE (Earth radiation budget experiment), available for April 1985, highlighting the role of clouds in the climatic system and climatic change (greenhouse effect).
  • Future weather. Carbon dioxide, climate and the greenhouse effect.
  • associated with dust veils, the greenhouse effect and ozone depletion. It also discusses the predicted impact of these changes on a wide range of environmental factors, including sea level, agriculture and human health. It concludes with an analysis
  • Further changes in the area covered by mangroves are to expected if the sea rises at the rates anticipated as a result of the greenhouse effect. The exact response of a mangrove coastline will depend upon shoreline topography, sources of sediment
  • temperature, because so much interest is now focused upon the connection between the greenhouse effect and average temperature. For Karesuando in northernmost Sweden the extraordinary warm period 1931-1940 and the much colder 1979-1988 are compared.
  • Reservoir effects on sediment yield
  • Effect of soil moisture on the interrelation between the rate of movement of soil water under the effect of the temperature gradient and the concentration of the soil solution
  • The climatology of lake effect in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • The paper examines the frequency of occurrence of both warm season and cool season lake effects. The monthly distribution of the different types of lake effect, weather conditions favorable to their development, and associated parameters are also
  • Effects of meandering in alluvial streams
  • Effect of vegetation on lateral migration of anostomosed channels of a glacier meltwater river
  • Thermal effects of basalt on continental crust and crustal contamination of magmas
  • Natural atmospheric C variations and the Suess effect
  • Simultaneous effects of CO and chlorofluoromethanes on stratospheric ozone
  • Effective temperature comfort indices for some Malaysian towns
  • A field study on topographical and topsoil effects on runoff generation
  • In order to assess the influence of topographical factors on runoff yield on the rapidly crusting loamy soils of Central Belgium, a further study of runoff yield was undertaken, using a design allowing the separation of slope and topsoil effects
  • . Results and discussion : soil and slope effects.
  • Possible effects of recent changes in sea level on the biota of a Caribbean reef flat and predicted effects of rising sea levels in Proceedings. Volume 3. Symposia and seminars.