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  • Making zoning districts more effective
  • Evaluating the effects of regional economic policy: a critique
  • The neighbourhood effect revisited : spatial science or political regionalism ?
  • Revenue effects from changes in a declining block pricing structure
  • The effects of generalized relocation costs upon intraurban household relocation
  • Welfare effects of tied food aid
  • The effect of energy price increases on the U.S. livestock sector
  • The employment effects of a regional capital subsidy
  • Food policy in Africa political causes and social effects
  • The effects of rapid increases in labor supply on service employment in developing countries
  • Effects of a Colombian civil war (1948-1958) on the structure of employment and earnings in Bogota. The resulting increase on labor supply has little effect on the share of services in the labor force. It suggests that the service employment may
  • A kozségekbe telepitett ipar hatasa a kozségek fejlodésére. (The effect of industry in villages on rural development)
  • The A. gives cause-effect relations between socialist (i.e. state and non-agricultural cooperative) industry and the development of the village, the improvement of standard of living. (C. Kiricsi).
  • A recursive model is used to estimate rent and selling price equations in order to determine the effect of favourable financing on each variable. The results indicate that below-market financing has a negative effect on rent and a positive effect
  • Effects of multiple stops on the distance traveled to a grocery store
  • Data from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada have indicated that travel time from home to grocery store is affected by three aspects of a trip : the number of shops, the number of trip purposes, and the order of a shopping stop. The effects of such multiple
  • An experimental study on the effects of greenery in the assessments of residential street scenes using scale-models
  • The effect of greenery on residential street scenes, using scale-models. The importance of visual greenery and the difference of the results between the scale-models and the real street scenes. Feasibility of simulation by the scale-models. - (SGA)
  • Effect of synthetic fertilizers and atmospheric precipitation on nitrogen enrichment in surface waters
  • The increase of the nitrate concentration in surface waters used as water supply resources has been investigated with a view to the effects of agricultural activities and atmospheric precipitation. The variability of nitrate concentrations depends
  • Sustainability of the effects of agricultural projects in German technical cooperation: methodology and selected findings of a cross-sectional analysis of 24 agricultural projects after handover to partner countries
  • This contribution deals with the research methodology and selected findings of an investigation of 24 agricultural projects in German Technical Cooperation. Project effects at the time of handover and their further development in subsequent years
  • are assessed with respect to effectiveness, significance, performance of counterpart organizations, and negative consequences. (L'A.).
  • Introduction to the biological effects of water pollution and to ways of detecting, describing and quantifyinj these effects in the field and in the laboratory.
  • The effect of the environement on party identification
  • Citizen participation in city and regional planning| an effective American methodology
  • The effect of sign complexity and coherence on the perceived quality of retail scenes in Public-private partnerships in Pittsburgh.