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  • Social and economic effects of the Trans-Alaska pipeline
  • Dissolution and preservation of Antarctic diatoms and the effect on sediment thanatocoenoses
  • Validation of a model of the effect of tundra vegetation on soil temperatures
  • The Effect of ice on the beach and nearshore, Point Barrow, Arctic, Alaska
  • The Effect of sea and nearshore ice on coastal processes in Canadian Arctic archipelago
  • Effects of storm surges on the Beaufort sea coast, Northern Alaska
  • In the lower oceanic Antarctic where particular climatic conditions are found, a special type of periglacial geosystems exists with geomorphic effected cryodynamics. The approaches to regional modelling are to be further developed because
  • This paper deals with geological action of drift ice on the marine littoral environment. The spatial, temporal and physical characteristics of sea ice cover are examined, together with their effects in the littoral zone, especially in four areas
  • succession that can be used effectively in defining the gross pattern of landform development is demonstrated for soils of both wat and dry sites.
  • Glacier have thickened considerably during the last two global glaciations (late Wisconsin and marine isotope stage 6). The effect of ice-shelf grounding probably was the major control of these changes of Hatherton Glacier. Holocene ice-surface lowering
  • increases when a humid air mass goes up the ice-cap. A fohn effect may happen locally when the same air mass goes down towards the coast.
  • Répartition spatiale et variation annuelle de la différence entre les températures de radiation et la température effective sur le territoire de l'Antarctique. Les moyennes maximales mensuelles de cette différence atteignent à l'intérieur de
  • Investigations carried out in 1977/1978 on ice-free shores of Admiralty Bay. Effects of intensive frost weathering and structures of frost segregation, such as stone polygons, sorted circles, small stone stripes, gelifluction lobes have been
  • change in the accumulation would not be immediately balanced. A significant excess of accumulation would produce in the subantarctic atmosphere an energy supplement whose effect would be to increase over this accumulation. Such accumulation variations