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  • Spatial structural effects in voting behaviour: description and explanation
  • Spatial structural effects in voting behaviour are described for manual workers living in manual areas and for professional and white collar workers living in professional and white collar areas. Using a questionnaire sample of 4, 574 voters derived
  • from the 1977 Western Australian State Election, alternative explanations for such effects are evaluated. Attachment to area, reflected in individual length of residence, helps to explain why area rather than individual norms prevail. This is reinforced
  • structural effect.
  • Physical effects of hurricane bebe upon Funafuti atoll, Tuvalu
  • The effects of introduced wild animals on New Zealand forests
  • Measurement of gully erosion and the effects of soil conservation techniques in Puketurua experimental bassin (New Zealand) in Present day geomorphological processes.
  • sol ont été effectives (barrages, plantations). Un indice de l'activité des ravines indépendant de l'écoulement est proposé. Il rend compte du fait que la quantité de débris observés, après que des mesures de conservation du sol ont été prises, est en
  • Some thoughts on the effects on Australian urban transport of structural economic change
  • Medium term effects of two landsliding episodes on channel storage of sediment
  • Geomorphic effects of changes in river runoff, Cumberland Basin, N. S. W.
  • The effects of recent land use changes on red podzolic soils near Sydney, N.S.W., Australia
  • Soil hydraulic properties and their effect on surface and subsurface water transfer in a tropical rainforest catchment
  • Period 1959-73. In the short run, adverse effects on sales prices of residences are noted in the airport areas but in the longer term, prices display a similar trend in both airport and non-airport areas.
  • La sécheresse en Australie ne serait qu'une affaire de perception si l'on en juge par l'efficacité plus ou moins grande des Etats à diminuer son impact et par le manque d'une politique nationale effective sur ce problème. Pourtant les progrès
  • of problems with these other lands, New Zealand adopted some of their solutions in its geographical development. In particular North America's contributions had a demonstrable effect in moulding New-Zealand landscapes. (Ed.).
  • The Holocene warping of the continental shelf in central and northern Queensland is interpreted as due to differential hydro-isostatic effects, possibly enhanced by a regional tectonic downwarping of the Halifax basin. (P. A. Pirazzoli).