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  • Tourism: its effects on a traditional landscape in Ibiza and Formentera
  • The quest for an effective regional policy, 1934-37
  • The effect of inadequate precipitation on the landscapes and patterns of Malta
  • Effects of the Common Agricultural Price Policy on the Third World
  • The paper analyses the effects of the Common Agricultural Price Policy (CAPP) on the less developed countries (Idcs) and aims at answering the controversial question whether the Idcs are gaining or losing welfare due to the CAPP. - (L'A.).
  • Problematika odpadov a ich dopad na zivotné prostredie Wastes disposals and their effects on environment
  • Various ways of waste disposal used at present in Czechoslovakia, especially with dumping on appropriately chosen sites, and with the effects of dumps on soil and underground water. (MS).
  • Hodnoceni efektivnosti zemedelské vyroby Jihomoravskéhe kraje. (Evaluation of effectivity of agricultural enterprises on Southern Moravia)
  • The production intensity, the work productivity, production rentability and other main factors of economic effectivity were carried out separately according to individual groups of natural agricultural areas. The regionalisation of agricultural
  • Az antropogén hatasok és megjelenésük térképen Pécs térségében. (The anthropogene effects and their representation on maps on the area of the town Pécs)
  • The study deals with the effect of coal mining not from research methodological and theoretical point of view but from the visual representation of the phenomena and its serious practical consequences. (CK).
  • Stadsklimaat Utrecht| een meteorologisch veldwerk. (Meteorological measurements of the urban effect of the town of Utrecht)
  • Some measurements on several selected days were made as an exercise for students in physical geography on the urban effect of the town of Utrecht in comparison with its surroundings (heat island effect, concentration of Aitkennuclei, Schuepp's
  • Ocena bioklimatu Zegiestowa zdroju na podstawie radiacyjno-ekwiwalentno-efektywnych temperatur. (Evaluation du bioclimat de Zegiestow Zdroj d'après les températures équivalentes, et effectives, radiatives)
  • On a déterminé l'intensité de la radiation solaire totale d'après la nébulosité générale. On a employé les résultats obtenus à calculer les températures équivalentes, effectives et radiatives de Zegiestow Zdroj qu'on a comparées à la courbe des
  • températures équivalentes et effectives de cette station climatique. (D'après l'A.).
  • The effect of jointing on glacial erosion of bedrock hills in southern Finland
  • Possible effect of aspect ratios of magma chambers on eruption frequency
  • The regional economic effects of European integration
  • Regional and structural effects of North Sea oil in Norway
  • The movement of manufacturing industry and the effect of regional policy
  • The effects of central redevelopment schemes on inner-city manufacturing industry, with special reference to Glasgow
  • Brickmaking in Nottingham: Growth, rationalization and effects on land use
  • Distribution of heavy precipitation in northern Norway and the effect of orography in Climatological extremes in the mountains, Physical background, geomorphological and ecological consequences.
  • The effect of man-made reservoirs on sediment load in Proceedings.
  • Regional integration and the boundary effect in the Katowice region
  • The demand for professional league football and the success of football league teams: some city size effects