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  • Green revolution in the Punjab: techniques, background and effects.
  • Land prices in Tokyo. Causes and effects, government policies and implications for the real estate industry.
  • Land prices in Tokyo underwent a remarkable increase over the period of 1984 to 1987. In this study causes and effect of high land prices are analysed as well as the governmental policy in regulating this processes. - (AGD)
  • Zinc content in soils and the effect of zinc-fertilizer in the Sanjiang Plain.
  • The range of effective and total zinc contents in the grassy marshland of Sanjiang Plain are calculated from 107 samples. Over one-third of the farm land has contents below the critical value for zinc deficiency categories. Experiments show
  • Food aid: disincentive effects and their policy implications
  • Observations on the effects of urbanization on runoff and sediment production in Singapore
  • The effectiveness of smokeless stoves in reducing indoor air pollution in a rural hill region of Nepal
  • Twenty households were monitored to establish a cause-effect relationship between the introduction and use of smokeless stoves and the resulting decrease in domestic smoke pollution. Aside from the benefits for reducing lung disease, three-fourths
  • Possible effect of Shuilou hydropower station on the ecological environment of middle and lower reaches of the Min River.
  • of the water will have little changed with minimal effects on the ecological environment at the river mouth. Silting in the navigation channel and port of Mawei would not deteriorate. (TNC).
  • The effects of an overvalued exchange rate on the Iranian economy, 1979-1984
  • Orographic effect of the Western Ghats on the monsoon rainfall
  • The blooming growth of the city of Riyadh and its effects on the housing market in Saudi Arabia. (L'Arabie Saoudite)
  • The effects of inflationary finance on tax revenue under progressive tax regimes : an application to Turkey, 1963-1982
  • Environmental effects of human activities on rivers in the Huanghe-Huaihe-Haihe plain, China
  • Numerical study of effect of vegetation coverage on dryness of climate
  • Migration patterns and the effects of migration on household structure and production in an east anatolian village
  • The redistributive effects of Hong Kong's public housing programme 1976-86
  • Effects of agricultural development policies on migration in Peninsular Malaysia
  • Mutual rainshadow effect between Japan and Korea
  • The effect of vegetation in reducing carbon monoxide
  • Changing drainage patterns in a semi-arid area and their effects on groundwater resources
  • The effects of introduced Spartina grass on coastal morphology in China in Geomorphology of changing coastlines.