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  • Labor market and policy constraints on the work disincentive effect of welfare
  • Assessing the neighbour effect on the vote of francophone minorities in Canada
  • The effect of job access on Black and White youth employment : a cross-sectional analysis
  • The paper examines the effect of access to employment opportunities on the employment probabilities of black and white youth aged 16-19 years. The empirical results, based on data from the central cities of 43 SMSAs, suggest that the nearness
  • Glacio-isostatic effects of the Cordilleran Ice Sheet, British Columbia, Canada in Shorelines and isostasy.
  • This chapter summarizes observed and inferred isostatic effects of Pleistocene ice sheets in British Columbia. At the end of the last glaciation, isostatic depression locally exceeded 250 m. Areas at the periphery of the ice sheet were deglaciated
  • earliest and rebounded first. As deglaciation progressed, the zone of rapid isostatic uplift migrated and was accompanied by forebulge effects. (P. A. Pirazzoli).
  • The welfare effects of erosion controls, banning pesticides, and limiting fertilizer| application in the Corn Belt
  • The effects of land reform on agricultural production, employment, and income distribution: a statistical study of Mexican States 1959-69
  • Urban impact analysis: a new tool for monitoring the geographical effects of federal policies
  • Effects of power line construction upon the carbonate water chemistry of part of a mid-latitude swamp
  • The effects of internal migration on regional wage and unemployment disparities in Canada
  • Effects of climatic variations on water withdrawals in metropolitan Toronto
  • The effects of political terrorism on the residential location of the poor in the Kingston urban region, Jamaica, West Indies
  • The Reagan administration's proposals for a new US immigration policy: an assessment of potential effects
  • Entry restrictions and expenditure effects in the local government market in Géographie de l'alimentation.
  • The effect of location on the adoption of hazard mitigation measures
  • The effects of zoning on single-family residential property values: Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Residential housing abandonment in the United States: the effects on those who remain
  • A multicommodity analysis of trade policy effects: the case of Nicaraguan agriculture
  • The declining effectiveness of Mexican fiscal policy
  • Casino gambling as a growth pole strategy and its effect on crime
  • Public Assistance effectiveness by states