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  • Investigations were conducted at the Hilton Experimental Site, east Shropshire, within the southern section of the Worfe catchment, a tributary of the mid-Severn. The effectiveness of employing palm-mat geotextiles (from Borassus palm of West Africa
  • and Buriti palm of South America) for soil erosion control under field conditions on arable loamy sands was investigated. Borassus buffer strip, Buriti buffer strip and Borassus completely-covered plots had similar effects in decreasing runoff voluume
  • and soil erosion. Although buffer strips of Borassus mats were as effective as whole plot cover of the same mats, the longevity of Borassus mats was nearly twice that of Buriti mats. Thus, use of Borassus mats as buffer strips on bare plots is highly
  • effective for soil erosion control.
  • 2011