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  • Australia ; Drought ; Flood ; Floodplain ; Fluvial hydrology ; Forecast ; Global change ; Greenhouse effect ; New South Wales ; River bed
  • of this paper are to predict channel and floodplain changes for two likely future scenarios: for the first a probable imminent shift back to a drought-dominated regime (DDR), the second based on the imposition of a greenhouse climate, first on a waning DDR
  • Effects of rock fragments on soil erosion by water at different spatial scales: a review
  • This paper reviews the various effects of rock fragments on soil erosion by water. Since these effects are scale dependent, they are investigated at three different nested spatial scales: the micro-, the meso- and the macroplot. For each scale
  • the corresponding process mechanism are discussed. Particular attention is paid to the effects of rock fragment cover on the intensity of soil erosion processes. The scatter of the data indicates that a given rock fragment cover can have different efficiencies
  • Effect of rock fragments on eolian deposition of atmospheric dust
  • The effect of rock fragment cover on the deposition of airborne dust was examined in a wind tunnel. Four parameters were studied: pebble size, pebble flattening, cover density and wind speed. The effect of these parameters on the deposition of dust
  • The relative geomorphic work effected by four processes in rainstorms: a conceptual approach to magnitude and frequency
  • The effect of rock fragments on wheat biomass production under highly variable moisture conditions in Mediterranean environments
  • Soil containing rock fragments: effects on infiltration
  • Log-jam effects on bed-load mobility from experiments conducted in a small gravel-bed forest ditch
  • The effect of fire-induced surface heterogeneity on rainfall-runoff-erosion relationships in an eastern Mediterranean ecosystem, Israel
  • This work describes some properties of the regolith through the seasons, together with the known factors that control physical weathering (humidity and temperature oscillations), and some of the hydrological and erosive controls effected
  • The objectives of this work were to study and explain the relative effects of initial moisture condition and of specific soil characteristics, such as texture and organic-matter content, on aggregate stability, crust formation, runoff and interill
  • This study examines the relationship between cover density and soil loss and determines the minimum level of ground cover restoration necessary for effective erosion control. In addition, the presence of a critical threshold below which changes
  • The effect of rock fragment content on fine soil bulk density is investigated and a relation is proposed. Such a relation is an extension of an algorithm that allows the estimate of soil bulk density when rock fragments are not present. A comparison