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  • Landslide in Metztitlán (State of Hidalgo), Mexico, causes and effects
  • The effect of rock properties on rates of tafoni growth in coastal environments
  • histories. To determine the effect of local aeolian processes, the AA. concentrated on the interpretation of fractures and abrasion microtextures on quartz grains. To elucidate paleoenvironmental histories they sought to determine the chemistry of coatings
  • The effect of the scale variations applied to the morphometry of the drainage networks is examined in a badland basin, located in the semi-arid Mediterranean area of south-eastern Spain. After a primary statistical analysis, based on the correlation
  • such as alternating hydrologic regimes and human impact, but also the effects and importance of internal geomorphic thresholds. The opinion hereby supported is to aim at a more integrative approach of all necessary parameters of the fluvial system in order to fully
  • near base level. It is therefore proposed to elaborate the etchplanation concept with fluvial dynamics. Late Cenozoic planation events in East Africa were triggered by a major base level rise due to the combined effects of eustatic sea level rise
  • This paper summarises an attempt to assess current rates of reservoir siltation and the level of effectiveness of the methods used to estimate sediment transport and reservoir sedimentation in an EIA (environmental assessment impact) framework