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  • The aim of this study is, first, to determine if the effective particle size distribution measured by a laser diffractometer is comparable to the effective particle size distribution measured by the sieve-pipette method, and second, to determine
  • The effect of tillage-induced roughness on runoff and erosion patterns
  • ), a landuse map and the major tillage orientation per tilled field as input. Runoff patterns created with the model could be used in any raster-based erosion model. The effect of the runoff pattern on simulated erosion patterns is shown for one field using
  • Effects of region-wide soil and water conservation in semi-arid areas : the case of northern Ethiopia
  • to investigate the effect of particle shape. The results suggest that the calibration relationships are quite robust as long as the clay mineralogy of the samples is similar.
  • This study presents a sensitivity analysis of the soil erosion model LISEM, whereby not only the sensitivity to parameter values is considered, but attention is focused on the effects of process descriptions and the routing of overland flow
  • This paper describes the impact of land use changes on geomorphologic activity in the Andes Mountains in Ecuador. More specifically, it aims to identify the major factors controlling land use change on a decadal time scale, and assess the effects