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  • Pore-water pressure effects on the detachment of cohesive streambeds : seepage forces and matric suction
  • The aim of this paper is to test a hypothesis of the role of upward-directed seepage forces and upward effective stresses as means of detachment of cohesive streambeds using field, laboratory and numerical-modelling analyses.
  • be measured effectively using pit samplers, which allow the sampling period needed for accurate measurements. Grain size can be represented as 2 fractions, sand and gravel, which capture some of the important transport dynamics and effectively represent
  • This paper examines the effects of base level lowering on the channel morphology of the southern end of the Lower Jordan River. The recent chronology and rate of channel changes through the lower reach of the river caused by the lowering of the base
  • more conventional patterns of erosion occur. Applied studies related to agricultural soil erosion and pollution have helped to illuminate the pathways and sources of sediment in particular cases and show the effects of landscape disturbance.
  • and preglacial landscapes while peripheral warm-based zones scoured and otherwise altered their beds. Some geomorphic effects are independent of ice cap scale, others vary with scale.
  • This paper examines the response of dry-region alluvial fans to base-level change. After a brief discussion of tectonically induced base-level change, this paper deals with climatically induced base-level change, and how its effect interact
  • reflect both upland sediment generation and the long-term effects of sediment storage and reworking.
  • year time scale. Application of these techniques elsewhere could lead to a better understanding of arid-region sediment transport and surface processes on desert piedmonts including the effects of climate change.