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  • Land-cover effects on red soil rehabilitation in China : a meta-analysis
  • Based on journal publications and a meta-analysis approach, this paper investigates the effects, and their spatiotemporal variations, of different land covers on red soil rehabilitation in China. Results indicate that all the land covers used in red
  • soil rehabilitation had been effective in improving degraded red soils but the degrees of effectiveness varied. Soil organic carbon was the most sensitive of the 3 major soil nutrients considered with regard to land-cover change during ecological
  • rehabilitation. Coniferous and broadleaf mixed forest was detected as the most effective land cover in red soil rehabilitation. Some spatiotemporal trends of land-cover effectiveness on red soil rehabilitation exist in a statistically significant sense
  • Effects of rainfall change on water erosion processes in terrestrial ecosystems : a review
  • In this paper, the characteristics of changes in natural rainfall, its role on terrestrial ecosystems, the challenges, and its effect on surface water erosion dynamics are elaborated and discussed. The major priorities for future research are also
  • Scaling effects of landscape metrics : a comparison of two methods
  • This study compared 2 strategies, including a high-resolution-data-based resampling (RS) approach and a multisource and multiresolution data (MSMRD) approach, to quantify the grain effects of 9 commonly used landscape metrics determined by FRAGSTATS
  • software. Three adjacent, small watersheds in the central Loess Plateau of China were selected as study sites. Using the RS and MSMRD approaches, 5 and 7 landscape metrics, respectively, were detected to have significant and mostly linear grain effects
  • Effects of crop rotation and rainfall on water erosion on a gentle slope in the hilly loess area, China
  • abandonment contribute to erosion control; Effects of CRTs on water erosion are also influenced by rain features.
  • Effects of vegetation restoration on the spatial distribution of soil moisture at the hillslope scale in semi-arid regions
  • China ; Forecast ; Geographical information system ; Inner Mongolia ; Model ; Mountain ; Orographic effect ; Precipitation ; Regression analysis ; Spatial variation ; Topography