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  • Climate ; Global change ; Greenhouse effect ; International agreement ; Policy
  • of Europe. The main effects of strong winds were many fires and trees felling almost all over the Romanian territory. - (BJ)
  • the effect of the rythm and intensity of winter precipitations for forecasting lake freezing. - (BJ)
  • Algeria ; Atmospheric dynamics ; Mountain ; Orographic effect ; Precipitation ; Sea
  • By classifying the daily precipitations according to the various weather types along the Saône and Rhône's valley, it is possible to follow precisely and understand the evolution of the effects of each type from the north towards the south. - (BJ)
  • Past studies about the impacts of climate change in agriculture have mainly considered the possible effects of future climate scenarios for the end of the century. However, the last fifteen years have shown a significant increase of temperature
  • This research shows the changes occured in pluviometric variability in Benin. In effect, the comparative diagnosis of the number of rainy days, pluviometric indices and tendancies realised using the graphic method and the frequent analysis permit
  • The weather and snow condition supports play an important role in the realization of the Olympic Games of Turin 2006. The wind chill index expresses the cooling sensation caused by the combined effect of temperature and wind. We have analized
  • . Characteristics of precipitation such that the onset, the end and the rainy season length and the total rainfall, as well as the different lengths of sequences dry during the vegetative season have important effect on the plants development. The main goal