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  • Zur Struktur und Genese der Bodendecke in den Great Plains der USA. Ein Uberblick. (Structure and genesis of the soil cover in the Great Plains of the USA. An overview)
  • Etats-Unis ; Great Plains, rég. ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Pédogenèse
  • Agriculture in the Great Plains, 1876-1930, a symposium
  • 1876-1930 ; Agriculture ; Colonisation agraire ; Etats-Unis ; Great Plains ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Géographie historique ; Histoire agraire ; Middle West ; Siècle XIX-XX
  • Quinze communications sur les étapes et le développement de l'agriculture dans les grandes plaines, de 1895 à nos jours.
  • A területfejlesztés eredményei és feladatai az Alfoldon. (The results and tasks of regional development on the Great Plain)
  • The Great Plain is the largest relatively underdeveloped area of Hungary. The A. deals with the changes in the economic geographical conditions, problems of industrialization, the development of agriculture, characteristic features of migration
  • , changing tendency in the settlement-network system of the Great Plain. (C. Kiricsi).
  • Peculiarities in the process of urbanization on the Great Hungarian Plain in Geographical essays in Hungary.
  • The main characteristics of urbanization on the Great Plain are due to the relative backwardness and belated development of the region. It is not only a matter of temporal lag, however, as the Great Plain does not follow the course of progress found
  • Great Plains studies, partII
  • Colonisation agricole ; Etats Unis ; Great Plains ; Géographie historique ; Histoire de la géographie ; Kansas ; Nebraska ; Siècle XX ; South Dakota
  • Az Alfold szénhidrogén-kutatasok eredményei és perspektivai. (Results and perspectives in carbo-hydrate explorations on the Great Hungarian Plain)
  • The Great Hungarian Plain is the centre of the carbo-hydrate mining in Hungary which has important future perspectives. (CK).
  • The Mormon experience : the plains as Sinai, the Great Salt Lake as the Dead Sea, and the Great Basin as desert-cum-promised land
  • The experiences of the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in migrating across the Great Plains to the valley of the Great Salt Lake, in colonizing the Wasatch oasis, and in occupying major portions of the Great Basin gave
  • The Quaternary of the Great Hungarian Plain in Loess and the Quaternary: Chinese and Hungarian case studies.
  • The Great Hungarian Plain is the largest sedimentary basin of Europe filled with great thicknesses of Neogene sediments. The complex mapping of deposits showed that during the Quaternary the maximum degree of subsidence was 700 m and in the lowlands
  • Plains boomers and the creation of the Great American Desert myth
  • The A. shows that the tradition of the desert of the Plains was invented and promoted by both Plains settlers and boomers in an attempt at self-justification and self-promotion. The promotion of the desert myth was so effective that, even today
  • , Plains residents embrace the desert tradition.
  • Transport direction of Peoria Loess in Nebraska and implications for loess sources on the Central Great Plains
  • Distribution spatiale ; Etats-Unis ; Glaciation ; Great Plains ; Loess ; Nebraska ; Paléo-environnement ; Quaternaire ; Stratigraphie ; Variation climatique
  • Great Plains was derived mainly from unglaciated landscapes northwest of the main loess deposits. In this study, transport directions inferred from more than 600 measurements of Peoria Loess thickness in Nebraska are used to test the hypothesis that much
  • of the Peoria Loess on the Great Plains is nonglaciogenic. Peoria Loess deposition on the central Great plains was largely a direct response to climatic change in the unglaciated source region.
  • The response of fluvial systems to climate change : an example from the central Great Plains
  • The A. uses a late Holocene alluvial chronology from a reach of the Republican River, south-central Nebraska, the published late Holocene alluvial record from the central Great Plains, and the paleoclimatic record of the region to discuss
  • Perception of the Great Plains in nineteenth century folk songs : teaching about place
  • Chanson populaire ; Culturel ; Enseignement de la géographie ; Espace perçu ; Etats-Unis ; Great Plains ; Géographie humaine ; Perception ; Processus cognitif ; Symbolique de l'espace
  • A területhasznositas atalakulasanak fobb iranyai az Alfoldon. (Main directions of transformation of land-use on the Great Hungarian Plain)
  • The ratio of built up areas increased fast, as a consequence of the development of industry on the Great Plain and because of the areal concentration of the population, due to social restratification. The development of transportation and tourism
  • Településfejlesztési stratégiank valtozasa és az Alfold. (Changes in Hungarian settlement development strategy and the Great Hungarian Plain)
  • The past practices and desirable future changes in settlement development policy are outlined. The special characteristics of the Great Plain are emphasized with regard to the position of the towns (less unfavourable) and the villages along
  • Az Alfold II. vilaghaboru utani népesedésének néhany sajatossaga. (Some features of post-war population in the Great Hungarian Plain)
  • The Great Plain is the only microregion of Hungary with a practically stagnant population between 1949 and 1980, the period investigated. While rural population has still been steadily decreasing, the ratio of urban population has grown considerably.
  • Néhany gondolat a dél-alfoldi oriasfalvak kapcsan a kisvarosokrol. (Some thoughts on small towns in connection with the South Great Plain giant villages)
  • Giant villages mean the greatest problem in the settlement network of the area. The establishment of a small town network is necessary in the Great Plain and this settlement types should also occur formally in the settlement structure. (DLO).
  • Az alfoldi megyék kozuthalozatanak topologiai vizsgalata. (Topological investigations of the road-network in the counties of the Great Hungarian Plain)
  • Topological analysis enabled the AA. to characterize and compare the road-network of the counties in the Great Hungarian Plain. It will be followed by a non-topological investigation where they have to calculate the actual geographical location
  • A varoshalozat funkcionalis, strukturalis és területi sajatossagai az Alfoldon. (Functional, structural and spatial characteristics of the settlement-network in the Great Hungarian Plain)
  • From certain points of view the National Settlement Pattern accepted in 1971 is disavantageous for the town network of the Great Plain which is expected to be eliminated during the present reconsideration. (CK).
  • Az elokészitett ipartelepités példai az Alfoldon. (Examples for prepared locations of industry in the Great Plain)
  • Available area for location of industry is getting fewer and more valuable in the Great Plain, too. Therefore owing to the natural pace of development the problems concerning modern industrial location in this area require a close and detailed study
  • Great circles on the Great Plains: the changing geometry of American agriculture
  • Center pivot irrigation ; Champ ; Champ circulaire ; Etats-Unis ; Great Plains ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Irrigation ; Morphologie agraire ; Paysage rural ; Structure agraire ; Technique agricole