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  • Gezeitenmessungen mit zwei Askania-Gravimetern in Potsdam. (Tide measurements using two Askania gravimeters in Potsdam)
  • The gravity network of the G.-D. of Luxemburg (96 stations) has been tied to the absolute station of the Brussels Observatory. This paper updates the gravimetric works performed in this country.
  • The accuracy of gravimetric fractionation as a means of obtaining size fractions from marine sediments has been explored. Analysis of the particle size distribution and sediment properties of fractions obtained using this method was undertaken
  • areas. In this paper the author mainly concentrates on possible gravimetric contributions at the Belgian scale taking into account the technical evolutions and data availability.
  • In this paper, the first gravity values at 16 Norwegian stations measured by a modern absolute gravimeter of the FG5 type are presented. The gravity observations were corrected for Earth tides, varying atmospheric pressure, polar motion, and ocean
  • . selected horizontal and vertical electrical conductivity (ECh and ECv, respectively) and gravimetric water content from a vertisol (Typic Hapludert) under rice cropping. Each spatial transect was oriented from South to North with 1-m spacing. It was used
  • The objectives of this study were : to determine the accuracy of both the neutron-attenuation and electrical-capacitance methods by comparison to gravimetric sampling and to each other; to establish relationships between the 3 methods and determine
  • The interpretation of special supplementary geoelectrical, gravimetric and mercury-metallogenetic prospection work, carried out in front of the open pit Merseburg-Ost, and the comparison with surveys in the open pit as well as with interpreted
  • . Successively a field calibration of the instrument was carried out to determine the relationship between optical and gravimetric data and to check the housing device. Afterwards, the high temporal resolution data collected over a 2-year period (2007-2008) were
  • . The threshold shear velocity increased linearly with increasing gravimetric moisture content. With these results of wind tunnel measurements, this study provided a preliminary contribution to clarifying the effect of surface moisture on the deflation and erosion
  • growth and yields. Plots were planted to cassava intercropped with maize. Soil accumulation by VGH serving as barriers to trap eroded soil was significantly affected by the spacing. Gravimetric moisture content increased with wider alley spacing
  • oxide coatings have been investigated by a range of analytical techniques, including X-ray diffraction (XRD), infrared-spectral (IR), differential thermal analysis–thermal gravimetric (DTA–TG), scanning electron microscopy and energy-dispersive X-ray
  • and some soil properties). Every month from October 2008 to May 2009 (rainy season), soil moisture and SWR was measured in field conditions by means of gravimetric method and Water Drop Penetration Test, respectively. Also, disturbed and undisturbed soil