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  • Grant-aided change in the Boyne valley archaeological park: agricultural grants 1950-1990
  • Headright grants and surveying in Northeastern Georgia
  • Local government response to grants and the reliability of OLS analysis of pooled data
  • Allocation of the Uk rate Support Grant by use of the methods of optimal Control
  • Urban development grants : policy and managerial perspectives
  • Factory ; Grant ; Industry ; Productivity ; Scotland ; United Kingdom
  • This paper examines whether receipt of a Regional Selective Assistance (RSA) grant in Scotland, has a causal impact on plant total factor productivity (TFP). To tackle the problem of self-selection into the treatment group, propensity score matching
  • is employed. In order to control for the endogeneity of other variables in the model, estimations are performed using the system GMM estimator. The results show that for low technology manufacturing, receipt of an RSA grant leads to a fall in TFP.
  • Fungibility of matching conditional grants to local governments
  • Canada ; Grant ; Local finance ; Local government ; Management ; Ontario ; Public service ; Utility fonction
  • Hispano forestry: land grants and the U.S. Forest Service in northern New Mexico
  • During the Spanish (1607-1820) and Mexican (1821-1846) periods, some 35 million acres in northern New Mexico were distributed to individuals and communities as land grants. Once the American era began in 1848, however, ownership of these areas fell
  • governments. For that to be true, however, a system of intergovernmental grants is needed. Without such grants, fiscal decentralization and Tiebout equilibria are closely related concepts. Since a Tiebout equilibrium generally fails to exist (Bewley (1981
  • )), these grants play an important role not only for redistribution but, in the first place, to make fiscal decentralization a feasible allocation mechanism.
  • Géographie de l'Europe ; Royaume-Uni ; Subvention ; University Grants Committee ; Université
  • Translation and development theory in geographic education : a model for the genesis and production of geography instructional materials in a competitive funded grant environment
  • Toward a revised urban managerialism : local managers and community development block grants
  • A theoretical model for local roads grants
  • Central city isolation and intergovermental grants, 1961-77
  • A hierarchical control solution to allocation of the Rate Support Grant using representative needs as targets
  • Effects of neighborhood grant-allocations on trade-offs among urban outcomes. Part 2: Model formulation
  • Regional coordination of federal categorical grants. Change and continuity under the new federalism in Learning from the Past. The history of planning.
  • Policy review section: the standard capital grants scheme in Northern Ireland
  • This article focuses on a case study area in New Spain, roughly equivalent to present-day Mexico, wherein forty-seven sheep ranches were established through viceregal land grants between 1535 and 1610. An integration of fieldwork, textual analysis
  • of land grants, and imagery analysis enables these ranches to be mapped in a three-dimensional geographic information system environment. The key findings are that grantees harbored a persistent preference for south-facing land; ranches clustered most
  • How the cake is distributed : the case of Portuguese decentralized grants
  • Decentralization ; Economic policy ; Grant ; Municipality ; Portugal ; Regional disparities ; Role of the State