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  • Changement dans l'utilisation du sol dans le brda septentrional de Goriška
  • Boisement ; Goriška ; Géographie rurale ; Slovénie ; Utilisation du sol ; Vigne
  • The low hills of Goriška brda have a distincly dual appearance. In their southern part, agricultural or vineyard land use is very intensive for Slovene conditions, and the proportion of surface occupied by vineyards has remained almost the same
  • since the first half of the 19th century. In contrast, northern part of Goriška brda has experienced intensive overgrowth. The proportion of forest today is more than 80 % whereas during the period of the greatest extent of farmland it only covered 30
  • The significance of the rural web for rural tourism development : the case of Goriska Brda région, Slovenia
  • Capital social ; Communauté rurale ; Développement rural ; Espace rural ; Goriška ; Réseau ; Slovénie ; Tourisme rural
  • et le concept de réseau rural. L’analyse des divers facteurs de développement du tourisme rural dans la région de Goriska Brda (Slovénie) souligne l’impact positif d’un capital social fort, sur la capacité d’entreprise d’une communauté locale qui peut
  • The impacts of globalization in rural areas of Slovenia : examples from the Pomurje and Goriška region
  • Activité économique ; Capital écologique ; Développement durable ; Environnement ; Espace rural ; Goriška ; Géographie économique ; Impact ; Mondialisation ; Prekmurje ; Slovénie
  • Globalization impacts in European rural areas were studied in order to define the balance in opportunities and reality as well as threats. In Slovenia two regions were selected (the Pomurje region, the Goriška region). In the first one the research
  • indicators in selected Slovenian rural areas (Upper Savinja Valley, Suha krajina, Goriška brda, Brkini) have demonstrated its positive impact on local community capacity building, being the starting point for activation of endogenous development potentials
  • In this journal, the AA. (Zorn, Komac 2004) previously described the use of two deterministic methods for establishing the possibility of landsliding. This time, they take a step forward and using the example of the flysch Goriška Brda hills present
  • We present the deterministic and probabilistic modelling of landslide hazard on the example of flysch Goriška brda hills, Western Slovenia. A weighing method was used for the deterministic landslide hazard map elaboration, and the Dempster-Shafer
  • risk (elevation, slope, and aspect of the surface) and types of land use (arable land, vineyards, orchards, grassland, woodland, and built-up and other areas) in six 24km2 sectors in Tertiary low hill areas in Slovenia : Koprska brda, Brkini, Goriška