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  • The future of the environment and global problems in glaciology
  • Ice thickness, ablation, and other glaciological measurements on Upper Fremont Glacier, Wyoming
  • Glacial ablation ; Glacier ; Glaciology ; Ice core ; Meteorology ; Palaeo-environment ; Temperature ; United States ; Wyoming
  • Glaciological investigations of the Upper Fremont Glacier in the Wind River Range of Wyoming were conducted during 1990-1991. The glaciological data will provide baseline information for monitoring future changes to the glacier and support ongoing
  • research utilizing glacial-ice-core composition to reconstruct paleoenvironmental records. The results of glaciological and meteorological investigations are presented and discussed in this paper.
  • Glaciological studies at Rae Glacier, Canadian Rocky Mountains
  • Canada ; Climatic variability ; Glacial ablation ; Glacier ; Glacier fluctuation ; Glacier mass balance ; Glaciology ; Mountain ; Rocky Mountains
  • The purpose of this paper is to report on glaciological investigations carried out at a single glacier in this region, the Rae Glacier. In 1990 and 1991 field research was completed to describe the physical glaciology of Rae Glacier
  • and to characterize historical glaciological trends at the site. The glacier has a lag time of 5 to 10 years, which confirms that it is sensitive to climatic fluctuations and responds to changes in mass balance within a very short time. This observation is supported
  • Glasiologiske undersokelser i Norge 1976 Glaciological studies in Norway, 1976
  • A review of the use of radio-echo sounding in glaciology
  • Bibliography ; Echosounding ; Glacier ; Glaciology ; Ice sheet ; Radar
  • Two decades of glaciological investigations in South and Central Greenland
  • Altitude ; Field experiment ; Glaciology ; Greenland ; Ice sheet ; Satellite imagery ; Survey ; Years 1980-89
  • Variations of italian glaciers between 1980 and 1999 inferred by the data supplied by the Italian Glaciological Committee
  • The study synthesises the analysis of those data relevant to the variation registred in the Italian glaciers during glaciological surveys carried out by the Italian Glaciological Committee between 1980 and 1999. The last twenty years of the 20th
  • Technological limitations to satellite glaciology
  • Ice-sheet glaciology
  • Glaciological research program in Mizuho Plateau-West Enderby Land, East Antarctica. Pt. 4, 1974-1975
  • World Data Center-A for Glaciology (Snow and Ice). An overview of activities and services World Data Center-A for Glaciology, Snow and Ice, une vue d'ensemble des activités et des services
  • Le World Data Center-A for Glaciology, Snow and Ice est l'un des trois centres de données du monde en glaciologie. Associé au National Snow and Ice Data Center, il archive les données publiées ou non, sur la neige et la glace. - (L'A.).
  • The kinematic wave theory : a priority of the italian glaciology (De Marchi, 1985)
  • Geophysics ; Glacier fluctuation ; Glaciology ; Simulation
  • Glaciology : Research update I
  • Bibliography ; Climatic change ; Glacier ; Glacier dynamics ; Glacier mass balance ; Glaciology ; Gravimetry ; Greenland ; Hydrology ; Ice sheet ; Meltwater ; Remote sensing ; Sea level ; World
  • This progress report is the first of 3 overviews of important fields of study within contemporary glaciology, highlighting key developments in each field since 2005. The topics covered in this paper are : (1) the mass balance of glaciers and ice
  • Lanzhou Institute of Glaciology and Geocryology, Chine
  • Applications of remote sensing, GIS and GPS in glaciology : a review
  • Bibliography ; Data processing ; Geographical information system ; Glacial ablation ; Glacier ; Glacier mass balance ; Glaciology ; Global Positioning System ; LANDSAT ; Remote sensing ; SPOT
  • extended to three-dimensional volume estimation and dynamic monitoring using radar imagery and GPS. The emergence of new satellite images will make remote sensing of glaciology more predictive and global.
  • Alps (The) ; Appennino ; Climatic warming ; Comparative study ; Glacier retreat ; Glaciology ; Hydrogeology ; Italy ; Model ; Mountain ; Switzerland
  • by the glaciological reconstruction and homogeneous parameterization of the 1850 glacier situation in the Swiss Alps (the last advance period of the Little Ice Age). The statistical comparison with the present-day glaciation (recorded in 1973) provides for the first
  • time a complete synopsis of various glaciological and geographical aspects of longterm glacier retreat in the period since 1850. Attempts were made, based on the new inventory data, to model potential ice decay scenarios for the swiss Alps
  • and to estimate the glaciological consequences of an enhanced atmospheric warming. - (NF)
  • Glaciological features in the initial quiescent phase of Kuannersuit Glacier, Greenland
  • Glacial surge ; Glacier ; Glacier dynamics ; Glaciology ; Greenland ; Meltwater ; Model ; Moraine ; Thermal regime
  • This paper describes glaciological features observed on the surface of the large outlet glacier Kuannersuit Glacier on Disko Island, during its initial quiescent phase after a major surge event occurred in 1995-98 in order to classify
  • Concept ; Glacier ; Glaciology ; Inland ice ; Model ; Terminology
  • The A. starts with the question of deforming beds. The recognition that subglacial till deformation can contribute to glacier characteristics has been one of the key conceptual developments of the last decade in glaciology. Many of the issues
  • Glacial geomorphology : towards a convergence of glaciology and geomorphology
  • Antarctica ; Bibliography ; Geophysics ; Glacial features ; Glacier ; Glaciology ; Ice sheet ; Numerical model ; Remote sensing ; The 2000's
  • Alps (The) ; Austria ; Energy balance ; Geodesy ; Glacier ; Glacier mass balance ; Glaciology ; Ground survey ; Model ; Mountain
  • This paper summarizes the methods applied to determine the mass balance of Hintereisferner and several other glaciers in the Tyrolean Alps since 1952. On an annual basis the direct glaciological method was applied with fixed date measurements on 10
  • -15 accumulation pits and 30-90 ablation stakes on 9 km2. The geodetic method has been applied for longer periods and yields results consistent with those of the glaciological method. The balance velocity calculated from recent ice thickness soundings