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  • Last-glacial alluvial fan sedimentation in the Lower Derwent Valley, Tasmania
  • Changing evaluations of flood plain hazard. The Hunter River Valley, Australia
  • Australie ; Catastrophe ; Estimation ; Géographie de l'Océanie ; Hunter Valley ; Inondation ; Lit majeur ; New South Wales ; Perception ; Plaine d'inondation ; Protection ; Risque
  • Frost and drought through time and space, part III : what were conditions like when the high valleys were first settled? in Frost and drought in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea.
  • Paleogeographic evidence for the high valleys of New Guinea suggests that four advances and retreats of ice can be inferred within the period of probable human settlement. - (DWG)
  • L'A. étudie la culture du raisin en Australie, son histoire et son développement régional, la fabrication du vin, et présente deux localités, celles de Hunter Valley et Barossa Valley. - (SGA)
  • The Latrobe Valley, Australia. The emergence of a multi-nucleated pattern
  • Atmospheric stability in the Hawkesbury river Valley in Winter
  • The Ramu-valley in North-East New Guinea is the result of the young geological development of the North of the Central Ranges lying areas. As such it is part of a long trough formed in the Late Tertiary and since filled with sediments from
  • the enclosing mountains of which the Coastal Ranges itself have only been formed by an upheaval since the Late Tertiary too. The alluvial deposits of the Ramu-valley are divided in dissected older fans and younger floodplains of varying degreee. Large areas
  • The Role of chemical weathering in the formation of Hawaiian amphitheatre-headed valleys
  • The evolution of coastal landforms of the Wairau valley
  • Here the AA. report on a reconnaissance survey of the 137Cs content of recent alluvial sediments in the Hunter valley, N.S.W., Australia. They attribute the absence of 137Cs from recent sediments, in part, to the nature and magnitude
  • Australie ; Géographie de l'Océanie ; Hunter Valley ; Méthode ; New South Wales ; Paysage ; Taxonomie
  • Mt Rouse, an exctint volcano south of Penshurst in W. Victoria was a source for copious lava flows which followed pre-existing valleys and reached the coast 60 km to the south. Many typical features of drainage modifications are associated
  • in the 19th century, became extensive, especially during the nickel boom of 1965-75, and has generated vast quantities of waste material ranging from boulders down to lateritic clay, much of which has spilled down hillsides into valleys. River channels