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  • Morphostructural analysis and geomorphological development of the Nedvědička River valley near Pernštejn
  • Czech Republic ; Geomorphology ; Stream ; Valley
  • Czech Republic ; Fluvial terrace ; Geomorphogenesis ; Meander ; Neotectonics ; Pleistocene ; Valley ; Valley floor evolution
  • The survey on results of geomorphological research on clinched and abandoned Ohře valley meanders and bends in the basin brings notes about their genesis. These forms were developing since the end of the Middle Pleistocene in appropriate
  • Bohemia ; Canyon ; Czech Republic ; Fluvial terrace ; Geomorphogenesis ; Mountain ; Slope dynamics ; Valley ; Valley floor evolution
  • Labe canyon valley in the Děčín Highland is the erosion base of the major part of the river network in the Bohemian Massif. Its development is followed since the Neogene up to the recent time, maintly with regard to the interference
  • Fluvial sediments in the Vltava, Berounka, Sázava and Labe valleys are preserved as extensive river terrace sequences. These accumulation terraces originated from an interaction of climate-morphogenetic and neotectonic processes in the late Cenozoic
  • The sandstone relief of Polomené hory (Hills) represents a remarkable area (Protected Landscape Area Kokorinsko) almost untouched by human activity. The development of dry valleys and the characteristic forms of sandstone weathering is given. (MS).
  • evolution of the river valley. Two levels of Neogene fluvial sediments and seven Quaternary terrace accumulations along the Sázava course are distinguished. - (EN)
  • , the morphogenetic characteristics of the Želivka Valley are presented and the fluvial sediments and terrace system of its river are described, including a chronostratigraphic correlation with other river terraces of the Bohemian Massif. - (EN)