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  • Floodplain evolution in a New South Wales coastal valley, Australia : spatial process variations
  • The different forms of valley-floor troughs and their long-profile variability are described prior to a discussion of age implications for the floodplain and Holocene evolution in the Bellinger Valley.
  • Valley bottoms in the late Quaternary
  • Alsace ; Climatic variation ; Floodplain ; Fluvial terrace ; France ; Germany ; Grain size distribution ; Human impact ; Quaternary ; Stratigraphy ; Valley
  • Present-day fluvial slope erosion and fluvial valley development in the montane zone of elevation in the Northern Limestone Alps
  • Bavaria ; Germany ; Mountain ; Precipitation ; Rill wash ; Sediment budget ; Sediment load ; Soil erosion ; Valley ; Watershed
  • by runoff on slopes in both catchment areas. Thus measurements prove the formation of V-shaped valleys up to the present day.
  • Fluvial geomorphodynamics in the Danube River valley and tributary river systems near Regensburg during the Upper Quaternary. Theses, questions and conclusions
  • This paper highlights the most important results of detailed investigations in the Danube River Valley, east of Regensburg. For the hydrological important characteristics of the different river systems, refernce is made to the original thesis
  • Sedimentary behavior of the alpine Ruetz River (Stubai Valley, Tyrol, Austria) in historical times
  • This paper presents a comparison of the pre- and post-late Holocene palaeo landsurfaces and paleochannels using data from the Nene, Soar and Severn valleys. From this comparison it is argued that during the mid to late Holocene floodplains and river