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  • Utilization and management of resources in mountain regions of the (former) Federal Republic of Germany
  • Environment ; Federal Republic of Germany ; Germany ; Mountain ; Natural resources ; Regional planning ; Resource management
  • Delineation of mountain regions of Western Germany and how people have evaluated the use of their mountain space. Discussion of the assistance programs of five states to develop tourism and preserve nature. In former East Germany, the mountain zones
  • The landforms in the north of the Federal Republic of Germany and their development in Landforms and landform evolution in West Germany.
  • Does Germany have an East–West problem? Regional growth patterns in Germany since reunification
  • Core-periphery ; Economic growth ; Economy ; Germany ; Gross domestic product ; Industry ; Professional qualification ; Regional disparities
  • This paper challenges the proposition that Germany suffers from an economic East–West gap. It shows that poor peripheries grow faster than richer ones throughout Germany, while income gaps among cores seem to be increasing. Since poorer cores
  • are relatively prevalent in the former German Democratic Republic (GDR), this resembles an East–West issue. In fact, the distribution of growth in Germany occurs along core–periphery lines rather than an East–West division.
  • From the Wanderdünen to the Watt: coarse-grained aeolian sediment transport on Sylt, Germany
  • Tourism in Germany ten years after reunification
  • Germany ten years after reunification
  • Attendance ; Economic restructuring ; Germany ; Leisure ; Tourism ; Tourist region
  • part in the successful development of tourism in East Germany. In the first years after the fall of the Iron Curtain, the population of the eastern Länder seized the new opportunity to travel into the capitalistic countries ; on the other side in East
  • Germany the accomodation capacity and tourist frequency decreased. Since the mid-nineties people from the western parts of Germany discovered the unknown East. Today the tourism infrastructure in the new Länder has developed to a high standard
  • , and the A. sense a trend that eastern Germany overtake the western in some fields. - (HPB)
  • Role of foreign workers in West Germany
  • What is Germany - what is Central Europe (Mitteleuropa)?
  • Counterurbanization in the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Computer mapping and geographic information systems in Germany
  • The finance of cities in West Germany
  • Key issues of land use planning in West Germany
  • Beiträge zur Landeskunde Südwestdeutschlands Contribution to the regional geography of Southwest Germany
  • Dissolved organic carbon dynamics in a restored peat bog in Northwest Germany
  • Germany ; Niedersachsen ; Pietzmoor ; Soil ; Soil degradation ; Soil science
  • The article deals with terms of peat decomposition, bog restoration, UV-Vis spectroscopy, restoration success, humic acid and fulvic acid fraction. The study was carried out in the Pietzmoor in Northwest Germany. - (IfL)
  • Economic growth of agglomerations and geographic concentration of industries : evidence for West Germany
  • Economic growth ; Federal Republic of Germany ; Germany ; Industrial sector ; Industry ; Logit model ; Regression analysis ; Spatial concentration ; Urban agglomeration
  • Reunification of partitioned nation-states : theory versus reality in Vietnam and Germany
  • Core-periphery ; Germany ; Political geography ; Political reform ; Regional disparities ; Reunification ; Teaching of geography ; Vietnam
  • Comparative analysis of reunification process in formerly partitioned states : Vietnam (1975-76) and Germany (1990) and how certain elements can be applied to the possible future case of Korea. - (DWG)
  • The importance of loess in the interpretation of geomorphological processes and for dating in the Federal Republic of Germany in Landforms and landform evolution in West Germany.
  • Landform development and soil structure of the northern Federal Republic of Germany. Their role in groundwater resources management in Landforms and landform evolution in West Germany.
  • Geomorphological mapping in the Federal Republic of Germany. The GMK 25 and the GMK 100 in Landforms and landform evolution in West Germany.
  • Varying costs of living as compensation for regional disparities in Germany
  • Cost of living ; Education ; Germany ; Methodology ; Region ; Regional disparities ; Theory
  • Ghettoization of foreigners and urban planning in Duisburg, Germany
  • Foreigner ; Germany ; Ghetto ; North Rhine Westfalia ; Social organization ; Town ; Urban planning ; Urban society