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  • Geological mapping using Landsat Thematic Mapper imagery in Almeria Province, South-east Spain in Special issue : Advances in geological remote sensing.
  • Almeria ; Espagne ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Géologie régionale ; Landsat ; Thematic mapper ; Télédétection
  • Geological map of Manitoba. 1: 1000000.. ((Inset:) Major geological subdivisions)
  • Department of Energy and Mines. Manitoba Geological Services branch, Canada
  • The representation of knowledge and uncertainty in database of GIS geological maps
  • Geographical information system ; Geological map ; Italy ; Numerical model ; Regional geology ; Reliability
  • In this paper an analysis is carried out on the phases that characterize the acquisition of structural-geological knowledge and related different levels of uncertainty. Methodologies to represent geological uncertainty in GIS databases
  • Contributions to the history of geological mapping.
  • was held in Budapest in August 1982. Thematically, the lectures can be classed into four groups: 1. The main trends of the development of geological maps. 2. The history of the geological mapping of different countries and regions. 3. The birth
  • and characteristic features of special-purpose applied geological maps. 4. The role and activity of outstanding personalities in the development of geological mapping. (L'Ed.).
  • The Commission on the History of Geological Sciences (INHIGEO), one of the international commissions of the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS), has been working since 1968. The jubilary, 10th international symposium of this commission
  • Geological map of the province of Nova Scotia. 1: 500000.. ((Insets): Structural map of Nova Scotia. 1: 1000000, metamorphic map of Nova Scotia. 1: 1000000)
  • Major changes are proposed fopr government map quality and coverage
  • Map ; Topographic map ; United States of America
  • Discussion of changes in map production policy of the United States Geological Service, which produces the topographic map series in the USA. - (DWG)
  • and indirect data. Geological maps are divided on subject-matter basis into the following types: geologic maps, stratigraphic maps, tectonic maps, palinspatic maps and paleogeographic maps, hydrogeological maps, engineering geology maps, geochemical maps
  • Geological data presented cartographically fall into three general types: direct observational data, indirect data obtained by transformation of observational data by operational procedures, and interpretative data obtained by inference from direct
  • , geophysical maps, maps of mineral raw materials deposits. The nature of data used for preparation of various types of maps are discussed, including remote sensing and geophysical techniques. Examples of various types of maps published in Poland are given.
  • The Umbria Preapennines in the Monte Santa Maria Tiberina area : a new geological map with stratigraphic and structural notes
  • Cenozoic ; Geological map ; Italy ; Regional geology ; Stratigraphy ; Turbidite ; Umbria
  • The Monte Santa Maria Tiberina ridge consists of a stack of Late Oligocene-Middle miocene siliciclastic turbidite successions belonging to the Tucsan and Umbria domains. In this work a new geological map of the area is presented, based on a review
  • Geobotanical application of Airborne Thematic Mapper data in Sutherland, north-west Scotland in Special issue : Advances in geological remote sensing.
  • Sources of information for the preparation of engineering-geological maps in the Netherlands
  • Geochemical soil surveys over Cambrian and lower Devonian formations in the Belgian Ardennes as a tool for geological mapping
  • Bibliographical control of geological maps in Geoscience information. A state-of-the art review.
  • Glacial geological mapping in Denmark in Glacial deposits in north-west Europe.
  • Geological map of Western Australia. 1:2 500 000.. (Insets: Reliability diagram| Main tectonic units)
  • Geological survey of Western Australia. Department of Mines, Mapping branch of the Surveys and mapping division. Perth, Australie
  • Landslide susceptibility mapping by correlation between topography and geological structure : the Janghung area, Korea
  • Fault ; Geographical information system ; Geological structure ; Landslide ; Natural hazards ; Research technique ; South Korea ; Thematic map ; Topography
  • The aim of this study is to develop and apply the technique for landslide susceptibility analysis using geological structure in a Geographic Information System (GIS). In the Janghung area of Korea, landslide locations were detected from Indian
  • Remote Sensing (IRS) satellite images by change detection, where the geological structure of foliation was surveyed and analysed. The landslide occurrence factors (location of landslide, geological structure and topography) were constructed into a spatial
  • A foldtani ismeretek fejlodése az Alfold medencéjérol. (Progress in geological knowledge of Great Plain)
  • In 1964 a new geological mapping started in the Great Plain with engineering geological, agrogeological and hydrogeological purposes to disclose close-to-surface rock and ground water conditions at a depth of 10 metres. Mapping-scale: 1 to 100000
  • Cenozoic ; Geological map ; Italy ; Miocene ; Oligocene ; Puglia ; Regional geology ; Stratigraphy
  • Detailed geological mapping has been carried out in the area of Salento surrounding Copertino village (Lecce). The aim is to clarify the stratigraphy of Oligo-Miocene sediments which crop out widely in the area and were referred to the Pietra
  • Ieccese and Andrano Calcarenite formations in the last edition of the Geologic Map of Italy. - (NF)
  • Digital cartography in the USGS National Mapping Division: a comparison of current and future mapping processes
  • Banque de données ; Cartographie automatique ; Donnée cartographique ; Etats-Unis ; Gestion ; Généralités sur la géographie ; Informatique ; Projet ; Système ; US Geological Survey
  • Le National Mapping Division de l'US Geological Survey élabore un projet de constitution de bases de données cartographiques et géographiques à l'échelle nationale. Exposé du processus futur de cartographie| principes de constitution de la base en
  • International Union of Geological Sciences. Commission for the Geological Map of the World, International
  • The use of 3-D mapping in geological research and risks analysis : evaluation of a water supply project in the Kathmandu-Melamchi area
  • Automated mapping ; Geographical information system ; Geotechnics ; High mountain ; Hydraulic works ; Methodology ; Natural hazards ; Nepal ; Remote sensing ; SPOT ; Water supply
  • Using 2-D and 3-D multi satellite data (SPOT and LANDSAT TM) in a GIS allows to produce 3-D digital elevation maps (DEM) through the techniques of remote sensing (RS) analysis and computer aided mapping. The use of 2-D and 3-D digital maps
  • to geological and geotechnical research and risk analysis, concerns here the evaluation of the new water supply project Kathmandu-Melamchi proposed by WHO-UNDP and the World Bank.