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  • in Ethics of Geography. Geographic peace studies are contradicting death of man both in modern anthropology and reflexive discourse of applied social geography. Integrative geographic peace studies are countering death of space and lack of application within
  • Friedensgeographie is not the pacifist but ethical turn in geography. FG is a normative approach of integrating freedom, human rights and Maintenance of environmental standings. Geographic Peace Studies (GPS) will initial a new research program
  • 2006
  • Le rôle et la fonction des indicateurs de terrain comme méthode de recherche en géographie sociale et politique
  • Crise ; Expérimentation de terrain ; Géographie politique ; Géographie sociale ; Indicateur ; Minorité ; Slovénie ; Technique de recherche
  • Crisis ; Field experiment ; Indicator ; Minority ; Political geography ; Research technique ; Slovenia ; Social geography
  • The paper analyses the methods of field research work, used in social geography, as well as the opportunity for use those methods in political geography. Concerning to strong connection between social and political geography in Slovenia, they have
  • 2006
  • Corrélation ; Géographie sociale ; Logement ; Mode de vie ; Peuplement ; Slovénie
  • Correlation ; Housing ; Settlement ; Slovenia ; Social geography ; Way of life
  • , ecological and cultural awareness and social standing. Type of housing was defined on the basis of the following elements : size of the building, purpose of the surroundings and auxiliary buildings, type of building ornaments and form of the building
  • 2006
  • Fiscalité ; Géographie sociale ; Protection de l'environnement ; Relation société-environnement ; Utilisation du sol
  • Environmental conservation ; Land use ; Social geography ; Society-environment relationship ; Taxation system
  • The article explains the land use in context of whole social aspects. Contemporary model could be understood as an interim stage of spatial processes and as a consequence of different human activities ; accordingly as hing between society
  • 2006
  • with identified needs and objectives presents a framework for critical estimation of acceptability of individual measures. The extent and structure of financial support offered to various aims by Slovenian Government point at increased economical, social
  • 2006
  • , spatial tightening of farms in rural settlements and obstructed traffic connections between farms and their production areas. As a result many farms are limited or obstructed in their future development. As a consequence social tensions appear, rural
  • 2006
  • The paper explains the role of countryside in modern social processes and the importance of its intertwining with cities. We emphasize the overview of modern trends in settlement development and land use and point out the processes that do
  • 2006
  • to the formation of different phenomenon typologies within the social dominance-minority relation, comprised of the situation of border national minority, territorial or regional minority and urban minority. Upper Adriatic has once again proven to be a most
  • 2006