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  • Part Three : The International Geographical Union Commission on the History of Geographical Thought
  • History of geographical thought. Selected themes from the work of the IGU Commission on the history of geographical thought
  • Geographical thought ; Historical geography ; History of geography
  • Recent trends in studies on the history of geographical thought in Japan - mainly on the history of Japanese geographical thought
  • The problems of the articulation of traditional or indigenous Japanese geographical thought with modern academic geography. The roles played by the authors of geographical writings in the early Meiji period. The significance of the pioneers
  • Recent trends in studies on the history of geographical thought in Japan. Mainly on the history of Japanese geography thought
  • A review of the contributions of Japanese geographers in a broad sense, including traditional Chinese and Japanese thought, a so-called modern geography prior to an academic geography, and academic geography itself. - (SGA)
  • Some methodological problems in the history of geographical thought
  • Some historiographical issues in relation to the history of geographical thought are examined, isolating in particular problems arising in the examination of specific geographical texts and the intellectual context within which they were written
  • Continuity and change in Soviet geographical thought in Geographical studies on the Soviet Union. Essays in Honor of Chauncy D. Harris.
  • Epistemology and the history of geographical thought
  • Themes in geographic thought.
  • Introduction to the life and thought of Karl Wittfogel in The geographical ideas of Karl Wittfogel (with an appendix on the Asiatic mode of production).
  • The history of geographical thought has again become an important research field. The studies of the several national schools of geographical thought, however, still need further elaboration. (DLO).
  • Humanism, naturalism and geographical thought
  • Epistemology ; Finland ; Geographical thought ; Geography ; Practice of geography ; Sciences
  • The A. thinks that, to maintain its vital role among the sciences, geographers would be wise to articulate more clearly the ways they can contribute to the grand challenges facing contemporary science and humanity more generally, which in turn
  • demands rethinking of traditional patterns of thought and practice.
  • Le métier de géographe
  • Epistemology ; Geographer's role ; Geographical practice ; Geographical thought
  • Epistémologie ; GEORGE (P.) ; Pensée géographique ; Pratique de la géographie ; Rôle du géographe
  • L'A. entame le débat en reliant le texte de P. George à son itinéraire professionnel de géographe.
  • Brazil ; Geographer's role ; Geographic research ; Geographic school ; Geographical association ; Geographical knowkedge ; Geographical thought ; National school ; Research ; Teaching of geography
  • Association de géographie ; Brésil ; Ecole géographique ; Ecole nationale ; Enseignement de la géographie ; Pensée géographique ; Recherche ; Recherche géographique ; Rôle du géographe ; Savoir géographique
  • Harold Innis and Canadian geography : discursive impediments to an original school of thought in Reflections and visions. 25 years of geography at Waterloo.
  • Innis made a remarkable contribution to geographic thought and to social science epistemology, intertwinning their respective biases and suggesting the mutual benefit that these two fields can being to each other.
  • Problems in the history of geographical thought at the 23d International Geographical Congress
  • Hegel’s geographical thought
  • Dialectics ; Geographical thought ; Historical geography ; Nineteenth Century ; Philosophy ; Physical geography ; Social geography ; Twentieth Century
  • This paper sketches out the contours of the philosopher G W F Hegel’s geographical thought. After reviewing geographers’ remarks on Hegel, it briefly discusses his social ties with his contemporaries Carl Ritter and Alexander von Humboldt to provide
  • some biographical and intellectual context for the discussion that follows. It then addresses the three primary geographical facets of Hegel’s work, namely his concept of ‘space’, his understanding of physical geography and its relation to race
  • Epistemology ; Geographical thought ; Marxism ; Philosophy of sciences
  • In the paper, the A. wishes to question the methodological power of critical realism for social geographical thought. By recourse to Hegel, Marx and Lefebvre, he wants to show that critical realist and critical realist geographers in fact pursue
  • Equifinality : modern approaches to dynamical systems and their potential for geographical thought
  • Women as geographers: some thoughts of Ellen Churchill Semple
  • Gilles Sautter ou le bonheur d'être géographe
  • Africa ; Biography ; Geographical thought ; Tropical geography
  • Rappel en forme d'hommage de la carrière du géographe africaniste Gilles Sautter (1920-1998).