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  • Year one of the Geographical Review
  • Ecole américaine ; Etats-Unis ; Geographical Review ; Histoire de la géographie ; Pratique de la géographie ; Revue géographique
  • Seeking good peer review in geomorphology
  • Geographical periodical ; Geomorphology ; Practice of geography ; Publishing ; Reviewer
  • This paper provides an extended guide to reviewing for Earth Surface Processes and Landforms in particular and geomorphology in general, considering what makes a fair and constructive review. The A. identifies six elements of a good review and notes
  • the importance of a constructive review, grounded in what is written in the manuscript, justified where appropriate and avoiding reference to personal views as far as is possible. He concludes with a discussion of whether or not the reviewer should sign his
  • review openly and the importance of reviewer confidentiality.
  • The geographical review and the American geographical society
  • (1949-1969) ; Etats-Unis ; Geographical review ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Histoire de la géographie ; Information ; Revue géographique
  • Wilma Fairchild relate son expérience en tant que rédacteur en chef de la Geographical review de 1949 à 1969, marquée notamment par la naissance du mouvement quantitatif auquel la revue va faire une large place.
  • Image and substance : a review of literary geography
  • Review of work done by geographers who have analyzed the landscape descriptions of Anglo-American writers. - (DWG)
  • A review of recent urban geographic studies in India
  • The paper reviews the changing nature of the growing specialized trends of urban geography in India since independence, with a particular emphasis to the 1980s and early 1990. Urban geography has emerged as a major academic sub-field in India
  • A review of side-looking radar applications to geographic surveys
  • Measuring geographical accessibility : a review of current approaches and problems in the use of population potentials
  • Reviews of geographic software
  • Reviews of geographic software
  • Reviews of geographic software
  • Review of the research on geographical distribution of disease mortality in Japan, with particular attention to cerebrovascular disease
  • Research on the geographical distribution mortality from cerebrovascular disease in Japan which has been very influencal in promoting associative analysis in medical geography. It is the major stream of medico-geographical research in Japan. - (SGA)
  • Geographical information science : geostatistics and uncertainty
  • Environment ; Error ; Geographical information system ; Model ; Pollution ; Research ; Sampling ; Statistics
  • In this brief article, the research currently being conducted by the GIS community involving geostatistics and error modelling is reviewed. First, a basic outline of a geostatistical approach to the assessment of uncertainty is given. The review
  • Geographic information systems and health: an educational resource
  • Geographical information system ; Health ; Medical geography ; Teaching of geography
  • Reviews the literature on how geographic information systems can be used to analyze the spatial dimensions of health care and disease ecology. - (DWG)
  • Cultural and linguistic aspects of designing geographic information systems for Spanish speakers
  • Cartographic technique ; Cultural geography ; Ecuador ; Geographical information system ; Language
  • Discussion of problems often encountered by Spanish speakers and others when attempting to utilize geographical information systems. Reviews two pilot studies in Ecuador.―(DWG)
  • Philosophy and geography in the Seventeenth Century: a review
  • Revue critique à propos de l'ouvrage de Margarita Bowen Empiricism and geographical thought: from Francis Bacon to Alexander von Humbolt. (ALS).
  • Research policy and review 16. Geographical disparities in state cancer prevention policies : the need for strong federal intervention
  • Reviews of geographic software : Life tables and the Leslie matrix. Mentmap 2. PC-Matlab. Quickmap. Systat. USA Display
  • A review of soviet water quality management theory and practice in Geographical studies on the Soviet Union. Essays in Honor of Chauncy D. Harris.
  • A foldrajzi Kozleményekben 1953-1982 folyaman megjelent cikkek bibliografiaja. (Bibliography of the articles published in the Geographical Review (Foldrajzi Kozlemények) between 1953 and 1982)
  • Review of geographic software: Atlas Amp, Contur, Golden software mapping package, Samp