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  • The status of exploration geochemistry in Mozambique
  • The geochemistry of soils
  • Classification ; Concept ; Geochemistry ; Soil catena ; Soil science
  • Paleoenvironmental changes and geochemistry of loesses and paleosols in SE-Transdanubia, Hungary
  • Geochemistry ; Grain size distribution ; Hungary ; Loess ; Palaeo-environment ; Palaeoclimate ; Palaeosol ; Transdanubia ; Weathering
  • Recent progress (2007–2012) in permafrost isotope geochemistry
  • Bibliography ; Environmental change ; Geochemistry ; Ground ice ; Hydrogeology ; Isotope analysis ; Periglacial features ; Permafrost ; Soil water ; Water circulation
  • This paper reviews contributions to permafrost isotope geochemistry published between 2007 and 2012 and proposes future research directions. It focuses on : (1) the origin and age of ground ice; (2) geochemistry and water movement in the active
  • and transient layers; and (3) geochemistry and water movement in deep permafrost. The use of isotope geochemistry to study permafrost-related processes has grown significantly over the last few years. These processes have been elucidated by combining geochemical
  • in permafrost. Permafrost isotope geochemistry has a promising future and should provide valuable tools for the study of a rapidly changing permafrost environment.
  • Iceland and mid-oceanic ridge. Geochemistry.
  • Jardefnafraeti og jardhitarannsoknir. (Geochemistry and geothermal investigations)
  • Symposium on geochemistry of groundwater. 26th International Geological Congress
  • Trace element geochemistry in the waters of Pulicat Lake, South India
  • Andhra Pradesh ; Geochemistry ; India ; Lake ; Trace-element ; Water
  • Geochemistry of soils of Spitsbergen
  • Aerosol;Dust ; Arctic Ocean;Arctic Region ; Cold areas ; Geochemistry ; Islands ; Soil ; Spitsbergen ; Svalbard
  • Inorganic geochemistry.
  • deals with the geochemistry of continental and oceanic waters, including the topic of rock-water interaction.
  • Petrology and geochemistry of Early Tertiary volcanism of the Mendejin area, Iran, and implications for magma genesis and tectonomagmatic setting
  • Azarbaijan ; Cenozoic ; Geochemistry ; Iran ; Lithostratigraphy ; Magma ; Petrology ; Tectonics ; Volcanic rock ; Volcanism
  • Geochemistry and source waters of rock glacier outflow, Colorado Front Range
  • Colorado ; Geochemistry ; Glacial flow ; Glacier ; Isotope analysis ; Meltwater ; Model ; Mountain ; Rock glacier ; Snow ; United States of America
  • The contribution of fluid geochemistry to define the structural patterns of the 2009 L’Aquila seismic source
  • Abruzzi ; Earthquake ; Fault ; Fluid ; Geochemistry ; Geological structure ; Geophysics ; Italy ; Tectonics
  • – and their geometrical characteristics are still a matter of debate. The results corroborate the power of fluid geochemistry in investigating the structural features of active tectonic structures, being particularly helpful in discerning blind faults. More specifically
  • Holocene climate in the Northern Great Plains inferred from sediment stratigraphy, stable isotopes, carbonate geochemistry, diatoms, and pollen at Moon Lake, North Dakota
  • Carbonate ; Diatom ; Drought ; Geochemistry ; Holocene ; Isotope analysis ; Lacustrine sediment ; North Dakota ; Palaeoclimatology ; Salinity ; Stratigraphy ; United States of America
  • In this paper, the AA. use multiple independent proxies (pollen, diatom assemblages, sedimentary facies, trace-element geochemistry, and stable isotopes) to reconstruct the hydrologic history of Moon Lake, North Dakota and to infer moisture
  • Mapping the geochemistry of the northern Rub' Al Khali using multispectral remote sensing techniques
  • Desert ; Dune ; Geochemistry ; Indian Ocean ; LANDSAT ; Marine sediment ; Mineralogy ; Palaeogeography ; Persian Gulf ; Remote sensing ; Sand ; Saudi Arabia ; Spatial variation ; Thematic Mapper ; Thematic mapping
  • Spatial variations in sand sea geochemistry relate to mixing of different sediment sources and to variations in weathering. Maps of geochemical composition produced from remotely sensed data can be calibrated against limited field data
  • Petrology, geochemistry and environmental significance of silcrete-calcrete intergrade duricrusts at Kang Pan and Tswaane, central Kalahari, Botswana
  • Arid area ; Botswana ; Calcrete ; Desert ; Duricrust ; Geochemistry ; Kalahari ; Micromorphology ; Petrography ; Silicrete ; Surface deposits ; Topography
  • This paper presents the first in-depth investigation of cement relationships within Kalahari silcrete-calcrete intergrade duricrusts at a profile scale, through the detailed analysis of the petrology and geochemistry of duricrusts and bedrock
  • Holocene variations in the Asian monsoon inferred from the geochemistry of lake sediments in central Tibet
  • China ; Climatic change ; Geochemistry ; Holocene ; Isotope analysis ; Lacustrine sediment ; Lake level ; Monsoon ; Oxygen 18 ; Palaeoclimate ; Quaternary ; Tibet
  • The AA. present a record of monsoon variations for the early and middle Holocene that is inferred from the geochemistry of sediment cores from Ahung Co, a lake in central Tibet. The resolution of this record is better than 50 yr and the age model
  • Alluvium ; Amazonas ; Floodplain ; Fluvial processes ; Geochemistry ; Peru ; Soil properties ; Vegetation
  • This study examines the chemical properties of fluvial deposits (Entisols) of eight different rivers in the Peruvian Amazon. Factors affecting sediment geochemistry are surveyed, and comparisons are made with published statistics concerning Peruvian
  • Geochemistry and isotope hydrogeology of the Mount Edziza-Mess Creek geothermal area