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  • Into the 1990s : a gendered agenda for political geography in Gender and political geography.
  • The objective of this paper is to show how gender perspectives challenge traditional models and analyses in political geography.
  • Rural energy and the role of women in Geography of gender in the Third World.
  • How employment affects women's gender attitudes. The workplace as a locus of contextual effects in Contextual models in politics.
  • The AA. examine three mechanisms which might account for the relationship between employment and gender attitudes : the social status provides benefits which cause women to adopt more non-traditional attitudes| employment experiences increase
  • Towards a regional geography of gender
  • Understanding women's involvement in local politics : how useful is a formal/informal dichotomy? in Gender and political geography.
  • The struggle for political democracy : emancipation, gender and geography
  • Gender, home range and environmental cognition
  • Gender, class, and space
  • Mass markets - little markets : a call for research on the proletarianization process, women workers and the creation of demand in Geography of gender in the Third World.
  • Teaching gender north-south
  • Does migration function to reduce earnings differentials by race and gender?
  • Flexibility, gender and local labour markets - Some examples from Denmark
  • Gender and the meaning of the home
  • Some theoretical implications of gay involvement in an urban land market in Gender and political geography.
  • Collective consumption revisited : analysing modes of provision and access to childcare services in Montréal, Quebec in Gender and political geography.
  • Gender and processes of change in the Third World.
  • Gender differences in metropolitan travel behaviour
  • Gender and urban activity patterns in Uppsala, Sweden
  • Gender differences in work-trip length: explanations and implications
  • Gender and leisure: inequality in the distribution of leisure time