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  • The guests' guests : Palestinian refugees, Lebanese civilians, and the war of 2006
  • Présentation par le guest editor du numéro spécial consacré à la géographie du tourisme. (JMM).
  • Guests who stay
  • A Bükk idegenforgalmi szallashelyei és vendégforgalmuk. (Touristic accomodation facilities and their reception of guests in the Bükk Mountains)
  • Farmers, fishermen, gypsies, guests: who identifies? in Mobility and identity in the island Pacific.
  • Future environments: can they be predicted? Guest lecture delivered at annual conference of the Institute of British geographers, Leeds, 8 January 1985
  • Using Tobago as an example, the study suggests that locally-owned guest houses, rather than large luxury hotels, are best suited to the long-term tourism development of the Caribbean. - (DWG)
  • Taking care of the guests : the impact of immigrants on services - An industry case study
  • Guest editorial. Urbanization reconsidered
  • An introduction to the four papers on gender and the city. Guest editor concedes that the theme is not original, but maintains that she wanted to offer a forum where gender scholars could refine methodologies and add to the empirical record
  • In this paper, the market position of cities will be investigated those processing an adequate amount and quality of tourist attractions to capture the leading role. The temporal change and structure of guest flow and the accommodation capacities
  • As Lake Balaton has strengthened its position in the geographical distribution of Hungarian tourism it is absolutely necessary to determine the balance between the receptional capacity and the actual number of guests received and to urge early
  • On the occasion of the centenary of the Institute for Regional Geography (Länderkunde) in Leipzig last year a scientific conference was taken place. There are published the addresses held by honorous guests, papers on problems of social and spatial