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  • GREEN F. H. W.
  • GREEN, D. H.
  • McELHINNY, M. W., (Editeur scientifique)
  • Public access, commons and village greens
  • Ebenaceae (A. J. G. H. Kostermans) Gentianaceae (L. H. Cramer). Gesneriaceae (W. L. Theobald and D. A. Grupe). Lamiaceae (L. H. Cranier). Lecythidaceae (W. Machae and F. R. Fosberg), Martyniaceae (W. L. Theobald and D. A. Grupe). Menyanthceae (L. H
  • . Cramer). Moraceae (E. J. H. Corner). Pandanaceae (B. C. Stone). Pedaliaceae (W. I. Theold and D. A. Grupe). Rosaceae (D. D. Tirvengadum). Sabiaceae (C. F. van Bensekom). Scrophulariaceae (L. H. Cramer). Sonneratiaceae (W. Macnae and F. R. Fosberg
  • ). Symplocaceae (H. P. Nooteboom). Umbelliferae (J. L. Krahulik and W. L. Theobald).
  • FOSBERG, F. R., (Editeur scientifique)
  • The greening of the squares of London : transformation of urban landscapes and ideals
  • Cultural geography ; Eighteenth Century ; England ; Garden ; Green space ; Historical geography ; Landscape esthetics ; London ; Perception of the urban environment ; Semiotics of space ; United Kingdom ; Urban landscape ; Urban morphology ; Urban
  • Bibliographie ; Biobibliographie ; Biographie ; Dobby (E. H. G.), 1906-1981 ; Ecole géographique ; Gullick (C. F. W. R.), 1907-1981 ; Histoire de la géographie ; Royaume-Uni ; Siècle XX
  • Bio-biliographies de: E. H. G. Dobby et de C. F. W. R. Gullick, géographes britanniques décédés en 1981.
  • Zum Tode von Frido J. W. Bader (13.6.1932-18.1.1989) Hommage à Frido J. W. Bader (13.6.1932-18.1.1989)
  • Afrique ; Allemagne RFA ; BADER (F. J. W.) ; Bibliographie ; Biographie ; Ecole allemande ; Ecologie ; Histoire de la géographie
  • Vie et oeuvre du géographe allemand Frido J. W. Bader qui s'est surtout intéressé à la végétation et à l'écologie ainsi qu'à l'Afrique.
  • Captain Owen of the African Survey. The hydrographic surveys of Admiral W. F. W. Owen on the coast of Africa and the Great Lakes of Canada, his fight against the African slave trade, his life in Campobello Island, New Brunswick, 1774-1857.
  • (1774-1857) ; Afrique ; Biographie ; Canada ; Exploration ; Histoire de la géographie ; Hydrographie ; Owen (W. F. W.)
  • BURROWS, E. H.
  • Anacardiacea (W. Meijer). Apocynaceae (H. Huber). Asclepiadaceae (H. Huber). Avicenniaceae (H. N. and A. L. Moldenke). Begoniaceae (A. H. M. Jayasuriya). Burmanniaceae (L. H. Cramer). Campanulaceae (L. H. Cramer). Lobeliaceae (L. H. Cramer
  • ). Nyctanthaceae (H. N. and A. L. Moldenke). Periplocaceae (H. Huber). Sphenocleaceae (L. H. Cramer). Symphoremaceae (H. N. and A. L. Moldenke). Verbenaceae (H. N. and A. L. Moldenke). Zingiberaceae (B. L. Burtt and R. M. Smith).
  • FOSBERG, F. R., (Editeur scientifique)
  • Green Revolution technologies reconsidered. Another view. The Ethiopian example
  • The societal modes of distribution are important components of the institutional setting in every society. On the basis of an example from Ethiopia, the socio-political effects induced by the technologies applied during the Green Revolution
  • MANIG, W.
  • C. r. par F. H. Nicholson, Arctic, 1976, n1, pp.63-64.
  • KUPSCH W. O.
  • NOLAN, M. F.
  • GREEN, G.
  • Nutrients and heavy metals in urban soils under different green space types in Anji, China
  • Applied ecology ; China ; Eco-city ; Green space ; Lead ; Nutrient ; Organic materials ; Soil pollution ; Soil properties ; Trace-element ; Urban area ; Zhejiang
  • The AA. investigated the soil pH, bulk density, nutrient content and the concentrations of Cr and Pb in the 4 main green space types, namely park green (PARK), street green (STREET), attached green space (ATTACH) and protective green (PROT
  • ) in the built-up area of Anji (northwest of Zhejiang Province). Owing to past use of leaded petrol, the soils of the 4 green space types have been polluted by Pb in Anji, especially in the STREET and PROT sites. As an eco-county, Anji needs to adapt a soil
  • SONGTAO, W.[b1]