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  • The equal contrast gray scale
  • Research to date on equal value gray scales has produced results that are in disagreement. This may be attributed both to the experimental techniques used and the bounded nature of the gray spectrum. This study employs a task directly analogous
  • to that faced by map readers trying to distinguish gray tones on a classed choropleth map: the measurement of perceived contrast between gray tone pairs. Equal contrast scales of five to ten tones are iteratively calculated using trend surface équation. Power
  • functions are calculated for each of these six equal constrast gray scales and for the combination of all of them.
  • Comparison of some diagnostic criteria of gray and brown forest soils
  • Mylia Taylorii (Hook) Gray, espèce nouvelle pour la bryoflore de Belgique, sur le plateau des Hautes Fagnes (prov. de Liège, Belgique)
  • Study on soil erosion dynamics in typical region of southern China based on remote sensing, GIS and gray forecast model
  • This paper studies soil erosion in the typical region of southern China based on remote sensing, GIS techniques and gray forecast model, and examines the relation between land-cover change and the dynamics of soil erosion.
  • Per una geografia del turismo sportivo fluviale in British Columbia. Nuovi orientamenti e prospettive di un settore in rapida evoluzione : il caso del fiume Clearwater nel parco di Wells Gray
  • Pour une géographie du tourisme sportif de rivière dans l'état de british Colombia. nouvelles orientations et perspectives d'un secteur en rapide évolution : le cas du fleuve clearwater dans le parc de Wells Gray (Central Interior)
  • Le parc de Wells Gray (qui fait partie du bassin hydrographique du fleuve Clearwater) représente un cas emblématique d'exploitation touristique des ressources naturelles, tout particulièrement en ce qui concerne les sports nautiques en rivière
  • The effects of background on the equal value gray scale
  • Gray Forest soils, Alluvial Sod-Podzolic and Alluvial Gray Forest residual-sod soils, Alluvial Pseudopodzolic (Pseudogley) soils, Alluvial Sod-Podzolic soils, and Alluvial Gray Forest soils. Classification and nomenclature of these soils should take
  • Multi-year fluctuations of temperature and precipitation : the gray area of climate change
  • Physical modeling of surface chemical denudation in gray forest soils
  • Analysis of a stalagmite from northwestern Botswana shows that variation in the abundance of detrital grains, which can be conveniently approximated by gray-scale measurements, provides a potentially valuable paleoclimatological record. Gray scale
  • A real gray tone symbols produced on standard line printers seldom adhere to acceptable cartographic design standards. The recent development of matrix line printers provides an alternative means of producing more effective map symbolization
  • with a device also suitable for ordinary character output. Matrix printers permit a greater range of gray tones in a regular sequence, more uniform symbol configuration, and improved print quality.
  • The humus in eroded gray forest soils in the region west of the Urals and changes effected by planting mixed grasses