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  • Remote sensing and geomorphometric discrimination of slope processes
  • The 2 objectives of this study are : expand the scope of geomorphometric analysis to include variables based on hillslope profile analysis, and show that a combined spectral, textural and geomorphometric data set can separate geomorphic surfaces
  • Tectonic implications of geomorphometric characterization of watersheds using spatial correlation : Mohand Ridge, NW Himalaya, India
  • is weak. From the geotectonic map, the area has been divided into 3 zones. The results reveal the utility of geomorphometric parameters related to watersheds in understanding lateral variation in geotectonic framework.
  • Toward geomorphometric models for estimating landslide dynamics and forecasting landslide occurence in Japanese mountains
  • This paper examines, first, physical properties of landslide materials and dynamics of landslide processes using such geomorphometric attributes as length of the landslide mass, the relative altitude and the area of the mass. Special attention
  • , which is expressed by the dispersion of altitude distributed over a specific square sample space, is a geomorphometric attribute that can now be calculated easily from DEMs.
  • Slope and aspects calculations on gridded digital elevation models : examples from a geomorphometric toolbox for personal computers
  • This paper discusses some results from analyses of slope and aspects computed with a geomorphometric program, MICRODEM. The results discussed here primarily deal with 2 digital elevation models (DEMs) produced by the U.S. Geological Survey, although
  • Geomorphometric measures for digital elevation models
  • Geomorphometric measures developed for contour maps are redefined here specifically for digital elevation models (DEMs). The measures are of 3 types depending on the feature localized : point, window, or drainage basin - the principal focus
  • Geomorphometric mapping of Asia Minor from GLOBE digital elevation model
  • The geomorphometric (catchment area, relative relief) and climatic parameters (mean annual precipitation, rainfall intensity) influencing drainage density are evaluated. - (JS)
  • an alternative approach to the commonly used grid cell approach by employing geomorphometrically significant terrain units. An integral part of the research was to explore an alternative approach to the commonly used grid cell approach by employing
  • geomorphometrically significant terrain units.
  • Adaptive methods for the refinement of digital terrain models for geomorphometric applications
  • Relations between field-surveyed channel networks and map-based geomorphometric measures, Inez, Kentucky
  • for the parameterisation of complex landforms is particularly evident for high mountain landforms. Therefore this study wants to contribute methodologically and in application to the description of geomorphometric structure in high mountain environments. - (IFL)
  • A geomorphometric analysis of Poland on the basis of SRTM-3 data
  • This paper presents a range of geomorphometric analyses of Polish territory using both classical and new approaches. The new approach included the presentation of land relief through standard deviations of relative elevation in regular geometric
  • Fusion of multi-resolution surface (terrestrial laser scanning) and subsurface geodata (ERT, SRT) for karst landform investigation and geomorphometric quantification
  • subsurface observations with geomorphometric calculations, local doline genesis can be traced back to initial collapse of fractured bedrock followed by subsequent infilling with colluvials. In order to define crucial methodological requirements and guidelines
  • the geomorphic and hydrographic expressions of the Chandigarh and the Janauri active anticlines in the NW India Siwaliks. To investigate the morphological scenario during the folding process, they used spatial imagery, geomorphometric parameters extracted from
  • area dominated by slope processes in southwest Yukon Territory, is performed with a combined set of geomorphometric and spectral variables in a linear discriminant analysis. An automated method was developed to find the boundaries of geomorphological
  • Camera (HRSC-A). The sensor records digital multispectral and panchromatic stereo bands from which a very high-resolution ground elevation model can be produced. Applications include geomorphologic mapping, geomorphometric analysis, mapping of surficial
  • platforms, as well as briefly reviewing more traditional multispectral scanners, and radiometric and electromagnetic systems. Examples of the applications of these techniques are summarized and presented within the context of geomorphometric analysis
  • a geomorphometric study by observing river profile and characteristics of mountain fronts in order to find spatial variations and style of rock uplift. Mountain front sinuosity (Smf), area-altitude relations (Hypsometric curves), Vf and AF indices differ
  • RSO interferometry and geomorphometric analysis with a tectonic aspect from Jordan