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  • Geothermal power at Wairakei
  • On identification and validation of some geothermal models
  • Analyse de système ; Energie ; Estimation ; Géographie physique ; Géothermie ; Hydrologie appliquée ; Hydrologie mathématique ; Identification ; Modèle ; Nouvelle-Zélande ; Réservoir ; Structure ; Système ; Système géothermal ; Wairakei, rég.
  • Identification du meilleur modèle de système géothermal pour le réservoir de Wairakei.
  • Geothermal activity in the Torfajokull field, South Iceland. Summary of geothermal studies
  • A model for the Reykholtsdalur and the Upper-Arnessysla geothermal systems with a discussion on some geological and geothermal processes in SW-Iceland
  • Present state and future prospectives of geothermal development in Italy
  • Electricity ; Energy;Power ; Geothermal energy ; Italy ; Thermal anomaly ; Toscana
  • Identification of the Wairakei geothermal system
  • Algorithme ; Analyse de système ; Energie ; Exploitation ; Géographie physique ; Géothermie ; Hydrologie appliquée ; Hydrologie mathématique ; Identification ; Modèle ; Nouvelle-Zélande ; Prévision ; Structure ; Système ; Système géothermal
  • Gas chemistry of the Krisuvik geothermal ficla, Iceland, with special reference to evaluation of steam condensation in upflow zones
  • Estimation des températures souterraines du champ géothermal de Krizuvik (presqu'île de Reykjanes au sud-ouest de l'Islande) à partir de l'analyse des gaz de fumerolles. - (JCB)
  • The Grimsvotn geothermal area, Vatnajokull, Iceland
  • Le Grimsvotn est l'une des rares zones géothermiques islandaises où un volcanisme actif peut être observé. La présence de fer dans les eaux de la débâcle de décembre 1983 traduit l'éruption du magma dans le fluide géothermal. (JCB).
  • Mineral and geothermal waters of Slovakia
  • Fault ; Geological structure ; Geothermics ; Hydrogeology ; Mineral water ; Slovak Republic ; Tectonics ; Thermal spring ; Water quality
  • From 1955 to 1985 an intensive hydrogeological survey has been carried out in Slovakia, in order to ascertain the conditions of forming mineral and geothermal waters in various geological structures and to find new sources of the afore-mentioned
  • Geothermal control on flow patterns in the last glacial maximum ice sheet of Iceland
  • Antarctica ; Cold area ; Geothermal energy ; Heat flow ; Iceland ; Meltwater ; Remote sensing ; Rift ; SPOT ; Tectonics ; Volcanism
  • simple calculations, the AA. illustrate how ice dynamics can be controlled by the geothermal heat flux associated with tectonic and volcanic activity.
  • Modszertani kisérlet a kornyezetpotencial geotermalis viz faktoranak kodolt értékrend szerinti minositésére (a meglevo kutak alapjan). (Methodological experiment to evaluate and to qualify the geothermal water potential of the environment (based
  • Geothermal water as an environmental factor is qualified through the classification of wells by their water output and water temperature. Other experiments would classify thermal waters by the degree and kind of their utilization and by the pattern
  • of geothermal gradient and type of water storage capacity of base rocks.
  • Neogene extension in the Northern Apennines (Italy) : insights from the southern part of the Mt. Amiata geothermal area
  • Appennino ; Fault ; Geothermics ; Italy ; Miocene ; Regional geology ; Seismic method ; Stratigraphy ; Tectonics
  • This paper deals with new geological data from the Mount Amiata volcano-geothermal region and the Roccalbegna area, providing a kinematic evolutionary model for the formation of the extensional Tuscan Nappe boudins. Integration of fieldwork data
  • Basic regional crustal setting and superimposed local pluton-intrusion-related tectonic in the Larderello-M. amiata geothermal province, from integrated CROP seismic data
  • Geothermics ; Italy ; Regional geology ; Seismic method ; Stratigraphy ; Tectonics ; Toscana
  • to the definition of predicted geothermal magmatic bodies. - (NF)
  • Economy ; Energy;Power ; Geothermics;Geothermal ; Iceland
  • The telluric-magnetotelluric method in the regional assessment of geothermal potential
  • Geothermal energy in California: policies to improve the economic impact of energy resource development
  • Characteristics and effects of geothermal resources exploitation in Hydrogeothermal studies. 26th International geological congress.
  • Jardhitinn sem orkulind. (Geothermal energy)
  • Rannsoknir a hahitasvaedinu i Kroflu. (Investigation on the Krafla high-temperature geothermal field)
  • Jardhiti, grunnvatn og varmi. (Geothermal systems, groundwater and heat)