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  • Application of modern geomorphological methods in theory and practice: case study of the Bohemian Highlands (Czech Republic)
  • Czech Republic ; Geographical information system ; Geomorphological mapping ; Geomorphology ; Human impact ; Mass movement ; Methodology ; Mountain ; Soil erosion ; Structural geomorphology
  • This paper deals with an application of geomorphological methods such as morphostructural analysis, detailed geomorphological mapping and computer analysis in the Geographical Information System ARC/INFO, in the field and discusses their application
  • at the building trade, ecology, etc. The A. applied them to geomorphological research in the northeastern part of the Hercynian Bohemian Highlands.
  • Geomorphology laboratory manual with report forms
  • Geomorphological assets evaluation
  • Geomorphology and geoecology. Applied geomorphology
  • Applied geomorphology ; Concept ; Environment ; Human impact ; Impact study ; Landscape ; Natural hazards
  • After a general introduction into the problems of the evaluation of geomorphological assets and man and- environment relationships, the AA. discuss the relationships between geomorphology and Environmental Impact Assessment. The concept
  • of geomorphological asset has an inherent social implication. The integral concept of the landscape permits to offer to the political component the basic elements needed for correct and efficient choices.
  • Environmental geomorphology in Hungary
  • Geomorphology and geoecology. Applied geomorphology
  • Agropedology ; Applied geomorphology ; Cartography;Mapping ; Environment ; Forestry ; Geo-ecology ; Hungary ; Land use ; Model ; Mountain ; Relief
  • During the last decades the assessment of topography for various practical purposes has brought about a new research trend, environmental geomorphology. Several methods for environmental geomorphological mapping are presented : 1) applied
  • engineering geomorphological (geotechnical) mapping; 2) relief assessment mapping for land use survey and land evaluation; 3) relief assessment mapping for the allocation of various facilities (for instance, small reservoirs, garbage or toxic waste disposal
  • Periglacial geomorphology and permafrost
  • Fluvial geomorphology
  • Fluvial geomorphology
  • Urban geomorphology in Kuala Lumpur
  • Teaching aspects of South African coastal geomorphology
  • A plea is made for a better understanding of basic geology in the teaching of coastal geomorphology. The South African coastal geomorphology is then examined as an illustration. - (AJC)
  • Tectonic geomorphology, uplift rates and geomorphic response in New Zealand
  • Erosion ; Geomorphology ; Heave ; New Zealand ; Paleogeography ; Plate tectonics ; Tectonics
  • Quantitative evidence for uplift and incision rates is evaluated. The relationship between uplift and erosion rates is discussed, and the morphological response evaluated. The resulting geomorphological regions are outlined.
  • Small islands and geomorphology : eview and prospect in the context of historical geomorphology
  • The reenchantment of geomorphology
  • A century ago the scientific study of landforms was in its Golden Age. In this paper, the AA. are critical of certain modern trends in Geomorphology. In seeking reductionist, mechanistic explanations for geomorphological phenomena, the science has
  • Computing Appalachian geomorphology in Appalachian geomorphology.
  • A kisérleti geomorfologia targya és modszerei. (Subject and methods of experimental geomorphology)
  • The quantitative revolution in the natural sciences has brought about new trends in geomorphology too. Experimental geomorphology is the discipline which establishes relationships between landforms, processes and materials under controlled
  • The principal geomorphological units of Europ recognized in the 1: 1 000 000 geomorphological map of Poland in Pour Fernand Joly.
  • IGU Working groups on the geomorphology of river and coastal plains, geomorphological survey and mapping, and morphotectonics
  • The geomorphology of the Dolomites from a geomorphodiversity viewpoint
  • Alps (The) ; Geomorphodiversity ; Geomorphology ; Geomorphosite ; Inheritated geomorphological features ; Italy ; Mountain ; Natural heritage ; UNESCO
  • The Dolomites make up an important geo-heritage that can be considered as a high-altitude field laboratory for research and development of geomorphological theories and understanding. The A. stresses that on June 26th 2009 the Dolomites were
  • included in the World Heritage List because of their scientific importance from the geological and geomorphological point of view, together with their exceptional beauty and unique landscape. Furthermore, this inclusion is an important scientific goal
  • and an event which stimulates in-depth studies, discussions and assessment of investigations and theories in the field of Geomorphology. - (NF)
  • South African geomorphology : critical choices for the future
  • Bibliographic analysis ; Climatic geomorphology ; Congress ; Earth surface processes ; Geomorphology ; Research ; Soil erosion ; South Africa ; Twentieth Century
  • The trends in southern African geomorphology, based on a review of some 1500 journal articles and 11 conference proceedings from both the local Geomorphology Association and Geography Society are reviewed. They are contrasted with developments
  • within the discipline as a whole represented by more than 3000 abstracts in the proceedings of international congresses on geomorphology between 1985 and 2000 . - (AJC)
  • Largescale geomorphologic pattern of the Wadden Sea area in Geomorphology of the Wadden Sea area, final report of the section Geomorphology of the Wadden Sea Working Group.
  • The main landscape types of the Wadden Sea area are shown on a small scale geomorphological map.