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  • Studies in the periglacial environment: a review of geomorphodynamic, cryopedological and Quaternary research in Germany
  • Geomorphodynamics on fallow land and abandoned fields in the Ebro basin and the Pyrenees. Monitoring of processes and development
  • Late Quaternary geomorphodynamics
  • Soil erosion during the past millennium in Central Europe and its significance within the geomorphodynamics of the Holocene in Landforms and landform evolution in West Germany.
  • Late Holocene and recent geomorphodynamics in the south-western Gongola Basin, NE Nigeria
  • Fluvial geomorphodynamics in the Danube River valley and tributary river systems near Regensburg during the Upper Quaternary. Theses, questions and conclusions
  • The object of this study was to develop methods for investigating recent geomorphodynamics of aggradation processes on debris flow cones, alluvial cones and braided gravelbed streams by dendrogeomorphological analyses of the stems and the roots
  • This paper concentrates on a description of scarps in two structurally and lithologically comparable areas : the Kniebis area of the Black Forest and the Donon area of the Vosges. Differences in the geomorphodynamics can be attributed to differences
  • Geomorphodynamics, sea-level applied to coastal management of the lagoon.
  • In the Bayerischer Wald, where no tephra occures, the AA. try to reconstruct the late-glacial geomorphodynamic by radiocarbon-dating of peats, which are stratified with the periglacial slope deposits, by IRSL-dating and in combination with moraines
  • Aktuelle Geomorphodynamik und angewandte Geomorphologie = Present-day geomorphodynamics and applied geomorphology
  • Aktuelle Geomorphodynamik und angewandte Geomorphologie = Present-day geomorphodynamics and applied geomorphology
  • were chosen in the wooded uplands of the Odenwald and the Taunus and equipped with gauging stations. The influence of different environmental catchment conditions on the geomorphodynamic processes is examined by means of a comparing analysis
  • energy of surface runoff. Occasionally wind may contribute additional energy but even then it is mainly propagated through the water. This contribution to microgeomorphology and to geomorphodynamics sheds new light on the genesis of sliding tracks