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  • Geological map of Manitoba. 1: 1000000.. ((Inset:) Major geological subdivisions)
  • Department of Energy and Mines. Manitoba Geological Services branch, Canada
  • Geological mapping using Landsat Thematic Mapper imagery in Almeria Province, South-east Spain in Special issue : Advances in geological remote sensing.
  • Infrared spectroscopy (2.3-20 m) for the geological interpretation of remotely-sensed multispectral thermal infrared data in Special issue : Advances in geological remote sensing.
  • Die zeitliche Einstufung geologischer Prozesse für ingenieurgeologische Aufgaben im Bergbau und Bauwesen unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Karstes (Temporal rating of geological processes for Engineering geological tasks in mining
  • Temporal rating of geological processes has great importance for carstification processes in salt and gipsum areas. Two problems are discussed : determination of age by geological methods and prognosis of recent geological processes using
  • The representation of knowledge and uncertainty in database of GIS geological maps
  • Geographical information system ; Geological map ; Italy ; Numerical model ; Regional geology ; Reliability
  • In this paper an analysis is carried out on the phases that characterize the acquisition of structural-geological knowledge and related different levels of uncertainty. Methodologies to represent geological uncertainty in GIS databases
  • The geological heritages in Xinjiang, China : its features and protection
  • China ; Environment ; Environmental conservation ; Geological heritage ; Geological structure ; Regional geology ; Typology ; Xinjiang
  • The geological heritages in Xinjiang are characterized by their large quantity, rich variety and high grade. The main types of the geological heritages in Xinjiang are the geologic-geomorphic landscapes and the water landscapes. The spatial
  • distribution can be divided into 5 geological heritage districts: Altay, Junggar, Tianshan, Tarim and Kunlun-Altun, among which Tianshan and Kunlun-Altun are most important. It is confirmed that the insufficient coordination between protection and exploitation
  • is the primary cause for the backward situation in the geological heritage protection. To solve the problem, the A. proposes 6 major protection steps.
  • Geological resources
  • Geological bibliography of the Netherlands and adjacent countries of importance to the geology of the Netherlands
  • Contributions to the history of geological mapping.
  • The Commission on the History of Geological Sciences (INHIGEO), one of the international commissions of the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS), has been working since 1968. The jubilary, 10th international symposium of this commission
  • was held in Budapest in August 1982. Thematically, the lectures can be classed into four groups: 1. The main trends of the development of geological maps. 2. The history of the geological mapping of different countries and regions. 3. The birth
  • and characteristic features of special-purpose applied geological maps. 4. The role and activity of outstanding personalities in the development of geological mapping. (L'Ed.).
  • On the geological structural characteristics of Lingshan folding block zone.
  • The development of geological structures in China
  • An outline of the geological structure of the Northeastern Hohes Venn Area and of its Northern foreland
  • Lower Paleozoic (Cambrian, Ordovician), Devonian, and Carboniferous sedimentary rocks are exposed in the northeastern part of the Hohes Venn area (Northern Eifel) and in its northern forelands. The regional geological development represented
  • by these sediments and their Caledonian and Variscan structural characteristics are obtained from geological profiles across the Eifel's northern boundary zone.
  • Alter und Altersbestimmung geologischer Erscheinungen und Prozesse (Teil 1) (Age and age determination of geological phenomena and processes - Part 1)
  • In the volume are printed the papers of a conference of the Society of Geological Sciences in the G.D.R. held in september 1984 in Freiberg. Geochronology is one of the preconditions for reconstruction of geological development and an instrument
  • Symposium on geochemistry of groundwater. 26th International Geological Congress
  • (7-17 juillet 1980, Paris) ; Congrès ; Eau souterraine ; Généralités sur la géographie ; Géochimie ; Hydrochimie ; International Geological Congress (26)
  • A foldtani alap-és elokutatas jelentosége a foldtani természeti eroforrasok feltarasaban. (The importance of geological basic and preliminary research in the disclosure of geological natural resources)
  • During the Sixth Five-Year Plan, geonomical basic research and geological preliminary research acquired major importance in research strategy. Their necessity is underlined by the demand to supply raw materials from home resources| to base the raw
  • Landslide susceptibility mapping by correlation between topography and geological structure : the Janghung area, Korea
  • Fault ; Geographical information system ; Geological structure ; Landslide ; Natural hazards ; Research technique ; South Korea ; Thematic map ; Topography
  • The aim of this study is to develop and apply the technique for landslide susceptibility analysis using geological structure in a Geographic Information System (GIS). In the Janghung area of Korea, landslide locations were detected from Indian
  • Remote Sensing (IRS) satellite images by change detection, where the geological structure of foliation was surveyed and analysed. The landslide occurrence factors (location of landslide, geological structure and topography) were constructed into a spatial
  • Major geological and geomorphological research studies in english speaking Cameroon since independence: a historical review
  • This paper reviews the major geological and geomorphological studies done on West Cameroon commonly known as the English speaking Cameroon region since independence (1961).
  • Geological models for the configuration, history and style of disintegration of the Laurentide ice sheet in Models in geomorphology.
  • Presents models derived from current glacial geological information on three aspects of the Laurentide ice sheet : its configuration and centers of outflow| the latter part of its history of waxing and Waning and the style of its final deterioration
  • Zosuny v Nizkych Beskydach, ich vztah ku geologickej stavbe a morfologii. (Landslides in the Nizke Mts. and their relation to geological structure and morphology)
  • Block fields, landslides, earth currents, etc. have a very high occurrence in the Nizke Beskydy. Their regional distribution are analysed in relation to the geological structure, particularity to the lithologicofacial character of the strata
  • Fault ; Geological structure ; Geothermics ; Hydrogeology ; Mineral water ; Slovak Republic ; Tectonics ; Thermal spring ; Water quality
  • From 1955 to 1985 an intensive hydrogeological survey has been carried out in Slovakia, in order to ascertain the conditions of forming mineral and geothermal waters in various geological structures and to find new sources of the afore-mentioned
  • waters. The survey helped to clarify the laws of their distribution and evaluate the quantitative and qualitative properties of water developing on the basis of geologic-tectonic conditions and physical-geographic terms of the given territory
  • . The Slovakian territory belongs to the Carpathian geological system.