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  • The stratigraphic subdivision of the Lateglacial of NW Europe: a discussion in Studies in the Lateglacial of North-West Europe.
  • Europe ; Europe du Nord-Ouest ; Géographie physique ; Quaternaire zones moyennes ; Stratigraphie ; Tardiglaciaire
  • Europe is a natural geographical region for a common Quaternary stratigraphic nomenclature, and there does seem to be considerable agreement on the Lateglacial climate of this part of the world.
  • Problems associated with the Lateglacial stratigraphy of NW Europe are discussed. These include the recognition of an Older Dryas climatic oscillation, the usefulness for the Lateglacial of the stratotype approach and some other standard
  • for the Lateglacial of NW Europe is suggested which encompasses flexibility, simplicity, and accuracy in reflecting the uncertainty of present knowledge. The main purpose of the paper is to stimulate discussion for we agree with Mangerud and Berglund (1978) that NW
  • 1980