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  • Geodynamics of Nigerian shield areas
  • Contribution of structural analysis to understanding the geodynamic evolution of the Calabrian arc (Southern Italy) in Tectonics. A selection of papers.
  • Crustal movements and geodynamics in Fennoscandia
  • Some problems of geodynamics and methods for their solution
  • Tectonic units from the Sierra Espuña - Mula area (SE Spain) : implication on the triassic paleogeography and the geodynamic evolution for the Betic-Rif Internal Zone
  • as geodynamic evolution of the overall Betic-Rif Internal Zone.
  • Geodynamic/tectonic setting in the Italian region: elements for the choice of the reference model
  • The identification of a reliable geodynamic/tectonic model for the Italian region would be extremely useful for several practical purposes, in particular for quantifying the parameters to be used for seismic hazard assessment. In this work, the AA
  • be reconsidered, taking into account an alternative geodynamic model that can much better explain the major tectonic events occurred in the central Mediterranean region since the late Miocene. - (NF)
  • Geodynamic and geomorphic evolution of the Permo-Triassic Appalachian Mountains in Appalachian geomorphology.
  • The geodynamics of landforms hazard processes
  • Unexpected geodynamical perspective of the Sinai area by GPS
  • Geodynamic hazards in Portugal
  • Rheological properties of parts of the African lithosphere and their geodynamic significance
  • Sedimentology, provenance and biostratigraphy of the Upper Oligocene-Lower Miocene terigenous deposits of the internal dorsale calcaire (Rif, Morocco) : palaeogeographic and geodynamic implication
  • This paper reviews the recent development in imaging of the interior of the Earth. The horizon of a new geodynamic model for the whole Earth is outlined and its significance for human societies emphasized. - (AM)
  • Comment to Latest-Cretaceous/Paleocene karsts with marine infillings from Languedoc (South of France); paleogeographic, hydrogeologic and geodynamic implications by P.J. Combes et al.
  • Latest-Cretaceous/Paleocene karsts with marine infillings from Languedoc (South of France); paleogeographic, hydrogeologic and geodynamic implications
  • The paper considers the geodynamic position of mountain structures of the Lesser Caucasus and Armenian Highland within the zone of plates' interaction (East Mediterranean mobile belt) and morphostructural evolution of the mountains during
  • the neotectonic and Pleistocene stages. The direction, rate and contrasts in the movements are assessed. Using instrumental data the geodynamics permit to trace alternating uplifts and subsidences as a reflection of the compression - tension mechanism during
  • Nature and dating of karstic filling in the Hainaut Province (Belgium). Karstic, geodynamic and paleogeographic implications
  • Quaternary geodynamics and deformation pattern in the Southern Appennines : implications for seismic activity
  • Oligocene-to-early Miocene depositional and structural evolution of the Calabria-Peloritani Arc southern terrane (Italy) and geodynamic correlations with the Spain Betics and Morocco Rif
  • Landscape evolution and geodynamic controls in the Gulf of Cadiz (Huelva coast, SW Spain) during the Late Quaternary