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  • Biographie ; Ecole britannique ; Géographie humaine ; Géographie économique ; Histoire de la géographie ; LYDE (L.W.) ; Royaume-Uni ; Siècle 19 ; Siècle 20
  • Biografía ; Geografía económica ; Geografía humana ; Historia de la geografía ; Reino Unido ; Siglo 19 ; Siglo 20
  • Lionel Lyde was an influential pioneer among British geographers, writing short textbooks for British schoolchildren during the 1890s and giving extension lectures at Glasgow and Oxford. After a period in school teaching, he accepted an invitation
  • to occupy the new chair of economic geography at University College London, then the only geographer in the United Kingdom to hold professorial title. He presented his views vigorously in lectures and in textbooks, never failing to draw on anthropological
  • 2011
  • Biographie ; Ecole française ; Géographie politique ; Histoire de la géographie ; SIEGFRIED (A.) ; Siècle 20
  • Biografía ; Escuela francesa ; Geografía política ; Historia de la geografía ; Siglo 20
  • writings have attracted attention among sociologists and political scientists, but recently geographers have started to show greater interest in his works. - (HC)
  • 2011