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  • The freight rate structure on Soviet railroads
  • Urban markets as freight nodes in the Lagos metropolis
  • Modal participation in freight transportation in Nigeria: the role of the railway
  • Road transport for exporting freight traffic has taken the place of rail transport. To survive the railways must develop internal, bulky, long haul traffic and modernize the system. (EMS).
  • Toward more flexible organization?: Canadian rail freight in the 1990s
  • Canada ; Competition ; Economic environment ; Economic system ; Firm strategy ; Flexibility ; Freight ; Post-Fordism ; Railway ; Transport
  • Within the context of theoretical debates about contemporary capitalism, the AA. review how the two dominant players in the Canadian rail freight sector are responding to the evolving competitive conditions of the 1990s. The factors
  • Development of a freight transformation network of regular trucking in Korea
  • Estimation of cost elasticities for light density railroad freight services
  • Regional aspects of soviet railroad freight rates. (Suivi d'un débat)
  • Accessibility and regional development in Britain: some questions arising from data on freight flows
  • Intermodal freight transportation and regional accessibility in the United States
  • Accessibility ; Economic development ; Freight ; Measurement ; Multimodal transport ; Regional analysis ; Transport ; Transport network ; United States of America
  • Keeping privatization on track : the active state, the unwilling investor and the case of rail freight in the UK
  • Deregulation ; Economic strategy ; Enterprise ; Freight ; Policy ; Privatisation ; Railway ; United Kingdom
  • Competitive advantage in global production networks : air freight services and the electronic industry in Southeast Asia
  • Asia ; Electronics ; Freight ; Globalization ; Malaysia ; Philippines ; Service ; Singapore ; South-Eastern Asia
  • Externalities and partial tax reform : does it make sense to tax road freight (but not passenger) transport ?
  • Economic reform ; Externalities ; Freight ; Mathematical model ; Model ; Road transport ; Transport ; United Kingdom ; Well-being
  • Regional valuation of infrastructure and transport attributes for Swedish road freight
  • Econometric model ; Firm strategy ; Freight ; Infrastructure ; Investment ; Regional disparities ; Road ; Road network ; Sweden ; Transport
  • of railway network in Transcarpathia for the development of international freight traffic in the USSR is highlighted. The role of geopolitical interests in the past and present is demonstrated. The analytical part of the paper focuses on the latest changes
  • in international freight traffic in the region in the period of 2008-2011, and major obstacles in its development are also discussed. The peculiarities of international freight traffic passing through border freight stations of the given region and the contiguous
  • A termelés területi aruszallitasi kapcsolatai és a gazdasagi korzetek. (Freight transport connections in production and economic regions)
  • The Ability of debris, heavily freighted with coarse clastic materials, to flow on gentle slopes
  • Seen from a maritime point of view, the Baltic Sea is a narrow and shallow sea basin, being used by at least three basic kinds of freight navigation: 1. freight shipping lines (short and medium distance service within the Baltic Sea), 2. container
  • feeder lines (mainly based on some big ports like Hamburg and Bremerhaven), 3. oil tankers (serving Russian oil export interests). These circles have little connections with one another. The close network of freight lines contributes to intra-Baltic
  • Freight and logistics. Dossier
  • Development axis ; Freight ; Globalization ; Harbour ; Logistics ; Market ; Service ; Transport ; Urban region
  • Accessibility to freight transport networks in Belgium : a geographical approach
  • Accessibility ; Belgium ; Concept ; Externalities ; Form of transport ; Freight ; Measurement ; Transport ; Transport system
  • Firm ; Freight ; Organization ; Passengers ; Poland ; Railway ; Transport
  • change and the appearance of new standard-gauge freight carriers ) with an analysis of the carriage of passengers by standard-gauge rail, as well as narrow-gauge carriage in general. – (BJ)