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  • Relations between Yugoslavia and Cyprus, 1976-1986
  • Political relations, cooperation between socio-political organizations, cooperation in the fields of education, science and culture, other forms of cooperation.
  • Relations between Yugoslavia and Japan, 1975-1985
  • Politic relations, economic relations (commodity exchange, higher forms of economic cooperation, financial cooperation, transport) cooperation in the fields of education, culture, science and technology.
  • Demographic structure ; Former Yugoslavia ; Living conditions ; Minority ; Prekmurje ; Slovenia ; Twentieth Century
  • Condiciones de vida ; Eslovenia ; Estructura demográfica ; Ex-Yugoslavia ; Minoría ; Siglo 20
  • The study introduces the main turning points of the Hungarians in Muravidék, the smallest group of the Hungarian minority in former Yugoslavia in the 20th century. - (AM)
  • Cultural studies ; Former Yugoslavia ; Institution ; Religion ; State ; War
  • In a religiously very heterogeneous country where the Communist state was quite successful to impose secularization, the wars in the context of the dissolution of Yugoslavia which were mainly nationalist but implicitly had religious aspects led
  • Commuting ; Croatia ; Economy ; European Union ; Forecast ; Former Yugoslavia ; Free zone ; Frontier ; Migration ; Population growth ; Slovenia
  • We are following a short-term and long term changes of migration activities after the dissolution of Yugoslavia, from Slovenian perspectives. The current situation is marked by increasing mobility inside Enlarged Europe (EU 25) with positive net
  • after accession of Croatia to EU,and shows, how Free Zones contribute to the stable demographic development in the period between dissolution of Yugoslavia and expected Croatian accession to EU.Improved Lowry-like model xith embedded parameters
  • Yugoslavia: contextos y procesos de dialéctica geohistórica
  • Urban self-management in Yugoslavia
  • Relations between Yugoslavia and the Vatican
  • The social plan of Yugoslavia for the 1986-1990 period
  • Economic relations between Yugoslavia and the European Economic Community (Institutional frameworks)
  • The Two Trade agreements| cooperation agreement between Yugoslavia and EEC (3 Tables : industrial products subject to special EEC import Treatment, agricultural products, and arrangement for imports of individual agricultural products from
  • Yugoslavia into the community)| special agreements| scientific and Technical cooperation.
  • The strategy of Yugoslavia's technological development
  • programmes, implementation of Yugoslavia's technological development strategy.
  • Cyprus ; Economy ; Europe ; European Union ; Former Yugoslavia ; Labour migration ; Policy ; Turkey ; Ukraine
  • Relations between Yugoslavia and Great Britain, 1973-1983
  • des importations et exportations entre les deux pays), qui n'a pas profité des possibilités économiques actuelles offertes par le développement technologique de la Grande-Bretagne pour établir avec elle des formes modernes de coopération. Dans les
  • Internal migration in Yugoslavia 1961-1971
  • Detailed manipulation of data published in the censuses of 1961 and 1971 has made possible a more precise appraisal of Yugoslavia's internal migration flows according to a classification of settlements into rural, mixed and urban types. Trends
  • Relations between Yugoslavia and Zambia, 1970-1983
  • Political relations| coopération of socio-political organizations| economic relations (table of visible trade between Yugoslavia and Zambia since 1970 to 1983, table of structure of visible trade)| scientific, technical, cultural and educational
  • Europa ; Geografía histórica ; Geógrafo ; Siglo 20 ; Sociedad de geografía ; Yugoslavia
  • of what subsequently became the Kingdom of Yugoslavia that emerged from the First World War. Living in Ljubljana, she facilitated the first foreign visit (in 1932) of the newly formed Le Play Society (precursor of the Institute of British Geographers
  • the Second World War, she eventually returned to a socialist Yugoslavia, a celebrated figure. An accomplished musician, linguist, and mountaineer, she became an authority on (and populist for) the Julian Alps and was instrumental in the establishment
  • Erosion surface ; Fault ; Former Yugoslavia ; Pediment ; Soil erosion ; Tectonics
  • La répartition, l'origine et les caractéristiques des dépôts indiquent des processus de pédimentation et de pédiplanation pendant l'Eocène et le Néogène. Des mouvements tectoniques importants, le plus souvent sous forme de failles, ont détruit
  • Overall economic indices. Gross domestic product and national income in Yugoslavia, 1984-1988
  • A systems approach to urban design. The case of the city of Ljubljana, Yugoslavia
  • Yugoslavia.