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  • The basics of sustainable forest management in forest promotional complexes
  • Biodiversity ; Concept ; Dead wood ; Decision making process ; Ecosystem ; Environmental management ; Forest ; Forestry ; Sustainable development
  • The intent to create Forest Promotional Complex (FPC) was introducing a new quality to Polish forestry – by taking into account social preference for forests, by embracing local community needs, by compromising forest production with nature
  • protection and to introduce the rules of sustainable and balanced forest development. Main subject of this study is a dead wood and its ecological functions in managed forests and chosen FPC reserves. The problem of naturalization or ecologisation of forest
  • [b1] Forest Ecology Unit, Forest Research Unit, Raszyn, Pologne
  • Down dead wood in a forest – still an obstacle to forest management or already an ecological issue ?
  • Classification ; Dead wood ; Environmental management ; Experiment plot ; Forest ; Forestry ; Methodology ; North America ; Poland ; Soil properties ; Sustainable development
  • an evaluation of DDW resources in the 3 Forest Promotional Complexes of Puszcza Białowieska, Bory Lubuskie, Bory Tucholskie. An analysis of the correlations is included. The third and final part offers a critical look at the implementation of the recommendations
  • made 10 years ago by the authors of the project. These were recommendations for, what were at that time, new principles of handling DDW in Polish forests.
  • Geographical pattern of selected features of the soil and herb layer in central and north European Scots pine forests
  • Biodiversity ; Biogeography ; Biomass ; Carbon ; Ecosystem ; Europe ; Forest ; Grassland ; Pine ; Soil properties
  • content), and selected characteristics of vegetation (species richness, herb layer biomass, moss layer biomass) in one type of forest community, namely, pine forests of the Vaccinio-Piceetea class. The study area covers the major part of the European
  • domain of pine forests, from 70.15°N (Norway) to 50.35°N (Poland) and from 12.02°E (Sweden) to 33.6°E (Russia). The results clearly point to the simultaneous effect of several different mechanisms shaping the structure of soil and the forest floor.
  • What determines forest litter decomposition ? Global trends and local variance
  • Biogeochemistry ; Forest ; Geochemistry ; Litter ; Model ; Plant species ; Soil ; Soil properties ; Temperate zone ; Tropical zone
  • determinants of litter decomposition rate. There is a failure of existing models to predict properly litter decay rate in many cases. These include especially ecosystems from outside the temperate climate, such as boreal and wet tropical forests. The existing
  • Biogeochemistry ; Carbon ; Carbon sequestration ; Forest ; Geochemistry ; Litter ; Model ; Organic materials ; Pine
  • scale to predict carbon sequestration rates in pine forests.
  • [b1] Dept. of Forest Sciences, Univ., Helsinki, Finlande
  • Biography ; Ecology ; Ecosystem ; Forest ; Poland ; Twentieth Century
  • Air quality ; Alberta ; California ; Canada ; Carpathian Mountains ; Eastern Europe ; Ecosystem ; Environmental management ; Europe ; Forest ; Geostatistics ; Mountain ; North America ; Oregon ; Pollution ; Remote sensing ; United States of America
  • [b1] USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station, Riverside, Etats-Unis