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  • Effect of forest floor characteristics on water repellency, infiltration, runoff and soil loss in Andisols of Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain)
  • Canary Islands ; Erosion control ; Forest ; Hydrology ; Infiltration ; Litter ; Rainfall simulation ; Repellency ; Soil ; Soil properties ; Water erosion
  • of the forest floor characteristics. The study results highlight the influential role played by the forest floor in infiltration and runoff. In pine forest, most of the rainwater remains in the duff and infiltration depends little therefore on the underlying
  • in infiltration and that soil properties control infiltration when hydrophilic or loose duff is present. Soil erosion is not influenced by forest floor and remains low.
  • Arid area ; Forest fire ; Impact ; Mediterranean area ; Model ; Repellency ; Soil ; Soil properties ; Space time ; Spain ; Valencian Community
  • Campo mediterráneo ; Campo árido ; Espacio-tiempo ; España ; Impacto ; Incendio forestal ; Modelo ; Propiedades del suelo ; Suelo
  • Water repellency (WR) is common in the long unburned Mediterranean calcareous soils (> 20 years) studied. This paper : a) reports on the occurrence and persistence of WR in fire-affected calcareous forest soils under Mediterranean climatic
  • Alicante ; Ash ; Forest fire ; Geochemistry ; Mediterranean area ; Repellency ; Soil ; Soil properties ; Spain ; Spectroscopy ; Valencia ; Valencian Community
  • Campo mediterráneo ; España ; Geoquímica ; Incendio forestal ; Propiedades del suelo ; Suelo
  • Ten ash samples with different wettability were each taken from 4 burned Mediterranean forest sites located at Albaida (A), Llíber (L), Navalón (N), and Pinoso (P), in the east of Spain. The persistence of water repellency of samples was assessed
  • Alicante ; Arid area ; Comparative study ; Forest fire ; Impact ; Israel ; Mediterranean area ; Repellency ; Soil ; Soil properties ; Spain ; Terra rossa ; Valencian Community
  • Campo mediterráneo ; Campo árido ; España ; Estudio comparativo ; Impacto ; Incendio forestal ; Israel ; Propiedades del suelo ; Suelo ; Terra rossa
  • Soil water repellency (WR) is one of the properties most affected by combustion during a forest fire. One of the aims of this research was to confirm findings from laboratory-burning under wildfire field conditions. In summer 2008 WR was assessed
  • forest, evergreen oak forest, and meadow, respectively). At the class level, WDPT and EP tests offered similar results for unaltered and sieved samples. Differences in the wettability has been observed between soil depths and soil types.
  • Forest ; Gilan ; Iran ; Plant species ; Repellency ; Seasonal variation ; Soil ; Soil moisture ; Soil properties
  • at 25 °C in the laboratory. Sampling was performed within 2 seasons (Autumn and Summer) and actual water repellency was only observed in forests in the Summer. Field observations imply that SWR is not a static soil property and could be observed in field
  • Biological soil crusts have a major effect on water flow in soils. Two study sites, located at a pine-forest glade covered with a biological soil crust, formed the basis of this study. The sand soil at the surface (Glade soil) was compared