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  • Genesis of grey forest soils
  • Windgeschwindigkeit als Verstärkungsfaktor für Rauchschäden im Wald in Abhängigkeit von Waldaufbau und Relief. (The wind velocity as a factor increasing the smoke damages in forests and their dependence on structure of the forest and relief
  • High wind velocities increase smoke damage in forests. Measures against smoke damage in forests include the investigation of the influence of forest structure and relief on the wind velocity. The forest structure under investigation is step-shaped
  • Assessing forest decline in coniferous forests of Vermont using NS - 001 Thematic Mapper Simulator data
  • Evaluates potential of measuring/mapping forest decline in spruce-fir forest using TM simulator data. TMS ratios of 1.65/1.23 and 1.65/0.83 micro-m bands are found to be strongly correlated with ground-based measurements of forest damage. Ratio
  • colour density slice images using these band ratios and images using 0.56 micro-m and 1.65 micro-m bands provide means of detecting, quantifying and mapping levels of forest decline. - (CB)
  • Tropical rain forests
  • The following review (1987-1989) covers seven areas of study : microclimate, climate and vegetation change| hydrology| mineral nutrition| forest structure| forest regeneration| herbivory| conservation.
  • Sulphur uptake from the atmosphere by forest and farmland
  • Tropical rain forest : structure and dynamics
  • The main thrust of the recent publications has been in the broad area of rain forest structure (including species richness) and dynamics although there have been substantial advances also in rain forest plant ecophysiology, plant soil relation ships
  • Forest transitions and buried glacial outwash within the beach-maple region of Michigan, USA
  • This study demonstrates a relationship between buried outwash and upland forest composition in a large area (7 270 km2) of Michigan's Lower Peninsula.
  • Forty years of rain forest ecology 1948-1988 in perspective
  • The main fields of research in tropical rain forest ecology today are briefly described and the development of the subject over the past forty years is outlined.
  • Studies on the biomass and productivity in a series of montane rain forests in Jamaica
  • Biomasse ; Ecologie quantitative ; Forêt ; Forêt ombrophile ; Géographie physique ; Jamaïque ; Montagne ; Productivité biologique ; Rain forest ; Zone intertropicale
  • Runoff modifications in forest areas
  • Data from representative basins demonstrate the moderating effect of forested areas on runoff. This reduction was analysed in detail for peak discharges and runoff coefficients.
  • Litter production and mineral element input to the forest floor in a central amazonian forest
  • The study investigates the seasonal and element patterns of litterfall at two particular sites of terra firme forest in the central Amazon. The input of elements such as C, N, P, S, K, Ca, Mg, Na, Zn, Fe, Al, Mn, B and Cu was thoroughly evaluated
  • Classification of small-scale forests in Flanders using Landsat TM digital data : preliminary results in Monitoring the Earth's environment.
  • The second-generation earth observation satellites of the Landsat programme carry the Thematic Mapper sensor with improved spatial and spectral resolution. The feasibility of the Thematic Mapper for forest classification in Flanders is investigated
  • . Due to the unfortunate recording time of the available test image (1 November), the described results have to be considered as provisional. Two test zones, representative of the small-scale forest situation in Flanders, are selected as study sites
  • . A supervised classification scheme is adopted, with special emphasis on the assessment of classification accuracy on different levels of detail : forest/non-forest, coniferous/deciduous, species and age classes. - (Authors).
  • A quantitative study of the forest floor, litter fall and nutrient return in an oak-conifer forest in Himalaya. I. Composition and dynamics of forest floor
  • Stemflow and throughfall in a tropical dry forest
  • The rainfall received by a small plot of tropical deciduous forest on sand dunes in Veracruz, Mexico, was partitioned into stemflow and throughfall components to determine wether funnelling by stemflow could reduce soil leaching by transmitting
  • The deposition of radionuclides from Chernobyl to a forest in Belgium
  • In the course of a study performed on traditional pollutants, deposition of radionuclides from Chernobyl was observed at a forest in E. Belgium. The main deposition flux occurred as a consequence of a 7.4 mm rainfall episode which took place on 4
  • Some effects of the plantation of conifers on a freely drained lowland soil, Forest of Dean, UK
  • Conifère ; Dean, Forest of ; England ; Forêt ; Gloucestershire ; Géographie physique ; Podzolisation ; Pédologie ; Royaume-Uni ; Sol ; Sol brun ; Zone tempérée
  • Using a forest stand simulation model to examine the ecological and climatic significance of the Late-Quaternary pine-spruce pollen zone in Eastern Virginia, U.S.A.
  • A simulation model of forest dynamics was used to reconstruct the composition and structure of the forests on the Delmarva Peninsula of Virginia, where pollen data were available to test the model, and climate and soils data were available to drive
  • The spring in the forest terrain at Svartberget, Northern Sweden
  • The aim of this study is to illustrate differences between three forest sites with respect to the relationship between the snow cover and the air and soil temperature. During nine years (1980-88) observations have been carried out about
  • this relationship on three points. Two of the points lie on a glacial till slope, one in an old spruce forest and the other in a clear felled area. The third point lies on a clear felled area on level sediment. This study mainly deals with the period when the soils
  • Ribbon-Forest und Hecken. Streifenartige Verbreitungsmuster des Baumuwuchses an der oberen Waldgrenze in den Rocky Mountains. (Ribbon forest et haies. Configuration de l'extension en bandes des arbres à la limite supérieure de la forêt dans les
  • Water dynamics of forests : one-dimensional modelling