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  • Estate planning for nonindustrial forest owners
  • This paper presents research results on the interaction of business form, funding technique, and forest management on federal income and estate tax liabilities of private non industrial forest owners.
  • The tropical rain forest : patterns of exploitation and trade
  • Community perception and participation, prospects in management of forests in marginal lands of Sudan. A case study of Rawashda and Wad Kabu forests. North Gedaref rural council. Eastern Region
  • The selection of scenic forest drives
  • Cheviot Hills ; England ; Evaluation du paysage ; Excursion automobile ; Exploitation forestière ; Forêt ; Géographie humaine ; Loisir ; Méthodologie ; Northumberland ; Parc naturel ; Paysage ; Reversdale Forest ; Route pittoresque ; Royaume-Uni
  • Reversdale Forest, Cheviot Hills, England.
  • Usage and economic forms of the forests of the earth
  • Mirror in the forest: The Dorobo hunter-gatherers as an image of the other
  • The economics of forest energy plantations : an empirical enquiry
  • Global trends in forest resources
  • Tropical rain forest : structure and function
  • An economic analysis of forest taxation's impact on optimal rotation age
  • Forest energy plantations: an international perspective
  • Forstdüngung gegen negative Immissionswirkungen im Mitteilgebirgsraum (Forest fertilization against negative immission effects in the low mountain range area)
  • Under certain conditions fertilizers may stimulate the growth of forest stands or diminish the effect of pollutants. The author describes the influences on soil-chemical characteristics, state of nutrition and type of pollution load. He makes
  • New prospects for increasing forest productivity in Britain
  • Location-allocation models for control of forest fires by air tankers
  • Analisis bio-social en la planificacion del desarrollo. Ideas generales desde un punto de vista forestal
  • The optimal forest rotation with evolving prices
  • Tropical rain forest conservation
  • Attitudes toward oil and gas development among forest recreationists
  • Etude de cas dans le Pigeon River Country State Forest dans le Michigan. Longue controverse sur la valeur d'usage de l'arrière-pays. Une enquête effectuée auprès des adeptes des loisirs en forêt pour mieux évaluer les opinions à l'égard de
  • The internationalisation of New Zealand forestry companies and the social reappraisal of New Zealand's exotic forest resource