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  • Generalforstamtet og norsk kartografi. Et 200-ars minne om Johann Georg von Langen The General forest department and Norwegian cartography. In memory of the bicenternary of the death of Johann Georg von Langen
  • Le General forest department, service technique royal pour la protection d'une sylviculture rationnelle en Norvège, a été dirigé, de 1739 à 1746, par l'Allemand Johann Georg von Langen. Les travaux cartographiques réalisés par ce département ont
  • Historical distribution of forests and grasslands in Gansu Province.
  • Historical records of the Qin (221-207 BC) and Han (207 BC-220AD) dynasties show that the present day bare hills and parched landscape of Gansu were forest-covered and grasslands supporting large herds of domestic animals. It was due to over
  • Cosmology as ecological analysis: a view from the rain forest
  • The author presents an influence of man's activity on environment in Great Britain in early Mesolithic. Considerations concerning upland areas such as Dartmoor, North Yorkshire Moors and Southern Pennines include mainly the analysis of forest
  • community evolution near the top limit. In lowland areas such as Breckland and the Weald is seen terms of deliberate burning of the forest by late Mesolithic culture. The author gives classification of Mesolithic settlements, that suggests that small number
  • Archéologie ; Chlorose ; Forêt ; Géographie historique ; Histoire de la géographie ; Hêtre ; Marden Forest ; Marqueur archéologique ; Royaume-Uni ; Structure agraire ; Télédétection ; West Sussex
  • Banse (E.) 1883-1953 ; Biobibliographie ; Biographie ; Brown (R. N. Rudmose) 1879-1957 ; Dickinson (R. E.) 1905-1981 ; Fairgriève (J.) 1870-1953 ; Fedchenko (A. P.) 1844-1873 ; Forrest (A.) 1849-1901 ; Forrest (J.) 1847-1918 ; Gannett (H.) 1846-1914
  • Notices de 21 géographes: E. Banse (1883-1953), R. N. Rudmose Brown (1879-1957), R. E. Dickinson (1905-1981), J. Fairgriève (1870-1953), A. P. Fedchenko (1844-1873), J. Forrest (1847-1918), A. Forrest (1849-1901), H. Gannett (1846-1914), J. P. Goode
  • Changes in the forest area and the development of settlement in Great Poland
  • Man and the Mediterranean forest. A history of resource depletion.
  • rather increased from the early Edo period to the late Meiji Era and almost all the yakita fields had turned into forest or wasteland, not to paddy fields. The typical differentiation of social strata among farms could not be found in the study area